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Thread: Flaked!!! Not sure where to take this?

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    Exclamation Flaked!!! Not sure where to take this?

    I had recently made out with a HB8 at a club (she is friends with my friend's GF.) I have met her prior to this and only just had the courage and small amount of game lol to make a move.

    We agreed a date on a Tuesday, which she cancelled due to a last minute family meal. This was moved to Wednesday after she finishes work. Due to snow; she couldn't make it to work and therefore and cancelled the date. Date then moved to Thursday.

    Embarissing I know, she flaked AGAIN saying she had to catch up with work and was drained. I made the mistake by txting her "Ok . We'll try again for Saturday. Up for it? X." Since this I have yet to hear back.

    Basically I'm not sure if I have messed this up. Leading up to the dates I have kept pretty good discipline with txting I.E. nicknames, fun/jokey txts, subtle flirting. At times there has been long delays in receiving them back.
    I recently saw her friend who said she was like this at times. I know I should move along but am I being too hasty as these may be genuine reasons.


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    Default Re: Flaked!!! Not sure where to take this?

    Sounds like you're making yourself a bit too available... you accommodated her flaking on Tues, Wed and Thurs and now you're still going to her asking for Saturday. That starts to look like you have nothing else going on in your life.

    If you did a good job of establishing rapport and dominance at the club and via text since, it might be just that she's legitimately busy. So, make yourself busy and let her come to you.

    Worst case scenario, she's not interested enough to put in the effort for a date. I've had this happen to me before, and it was usually with girls who I hadn't really established much rapport with. If that's the case, she'll likely keep flaking and hope you give up. You could try some Push-Pull and perhaps a bit of a Freeze-Out, and put yourself back on top.

    Good luck!

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