Kind of long post sorry, but I have a story I need input with. The background is basically this. I saw a beautiful girl sitting by herself at my college campus, and made up my mind to talk to her. I went in direct, which she liked, and we talked about her, her hobbies, and her life. She's studying to become an animal lawyer, works at a telus, and has a passion for equestrian... I'll also mention shes smoking hot. I said I wouldn't be able to leave without her number, and she gave me her business card, highlighted all her information, and thats kind of where the crescendo begins. Here are our texts with my commentary and interpretations. P.s. I made the mistake that I didn't set anything up for a day 2, so I was really hoping to get her out for coffee FAST based on the initial attraction I had.

Wednesday, Few hours after we met...
HER: Hey dalmatian
ME: Hey
texted her a few hours later, simplicity is where its at
HER: Ooo i thought you weren't going to text me back
I liked her response for two reasons, one shes into me more than i am into her, two, i felt how lonely she is
ME: haha I was on lockdown. Ill be seeing you soon. Night montreal
Was really contemplating whether or not to respond to her text, and if so, whether or not I should add the 'ill be seeing you soon' part. Turns out i hit the double whammy.
HER: Night
Personally HATE one word responses from girls slightly more than i hate terrorism. Only slightly though. Moving on.

Next Day (Thursday)
ME: So i met this really cute equestrian yesterday.. Kinda want to flirt with her, what should I say?
One of my favorite lines
HER: Well your lucky she thinks ur kinda cute
back in business? maybe?
ME: Just cute? have you seen my ass? p.s. lets grab coffee tomorrow around 2.43
I knew it was a hail mary as soon as i pressed "J" but I figured her last response was good id give it a shot
HER: I work full time
fml, i feel the entire vibe we (didnt already) have was gone entirely with this. What now? do I pursue playfully? should i be forceful, or pull the plug?
ME: Haha then tell your interns to pencil me in
Pursue playfully
HER: Haha
HER: Why dont u start by adding me on fb or something
I knew this was the issue the whole time, the whole comfort thing. Also maybe she forgot how cute i am Personally I wanted to get her on facebook b/c I have a lot of things going on in my life, im social, travel alot, and have many interesting treats on my profile... Most importantly I have an array of committed girls who actively post on my wall (although one could argue this is counterproductive)
ME: a) dont tell me what to do just cos you're hot b) whats your last name c) im awesome
I was torn between this text and "Oh is that how this goes? Sorry Im only on ch.3 of dating for dummies :$", OR i was thinking of sending her a link to my fb in response to her last txt. NOTE: I obv knew her last name and had her card but i didnt to completely jump through all her hoops
HER: You have my card :P
How much further can this downward spiral go....?
ME: stop playing these games, whats your last name?
I couldnt think of anything better or more exciting to say, and then (after I pressed send of course) i thought a little harder and thought of about 400 things. At this point i was really getting frustrated with how little effort she was putting in, and how much power I had actually managed to lose. I think it was here that I a actually deleted her number from my phone, and was ready to pull the plug. The thing is, normally i have pretty solid and witty texting and can get them into whatever we're talking about, but with this one i was hoping to get her out ASAP, so i compromised. Nothin doin pal.
HER: (sends her last name)
ME: Youve been added. Im going to bed. Gnite kiddo.
HER: Nighty night
My cup runeth over right? better than her last good nite txt right? right guys? anyone?
I draw the line here and plead for help before I lose this one. I have a feeling that if I continue without guidance, Im going to sound like an indian mobster trying to smooth over an arranged marriage. Im not finicky about this girl, but i find that this tends to be major sticking point with others as well. Im generally a lot more confident when it comes to face to face interactions so I feel when i get her out its smooth sailing. But i need help getting her out, so please if you can take a look at this and give me guidance with this girl, it would mean a lot. What should i msg?