Back story

Alright, so I went out to a friend's party at a club. Let's call my friend AsianGirl. My wing man bailed on me and well my other guy friends there are useless. I was introduced to almost a dozen people I didn't know but not to this HB10 blonde.

So after hanging out with some of the new people I decided to go introduce myself and learn she is a friend of AsianGirl from school. We were talking, built up some rapport with what I think was natural game since I really didn't try to think about the game? I should mention have almost zero game, but I did make sure to touch her shoulder etc to make some physical contact.

The only down side was I didn't get parts of what she was saying. My hearing is bad enough in clubs and she had a Russian accent. A hot one I may add.

She gave some good ioi: leaning in, carrying the conversation when I couldn't, smiles, laughing, meeting eyes.

Some topics that came up: School (work in my case)/Europe/Languages/Where we were from/that she was studying earlier that day listening to trance/random people watching at the club/drinking

So after a bit I decided to grab a drink and go to my friends and occasionally looked over and met eyes, or smiles. I went back to her a few times through the night, continued talking and even made eye contact from across the room (big room).

At one point some other guy approached and talked to her and my friend's mentioned that she looked towards me and turned him down after a couple minutes. I assume this is a good sign.

So then it was 2:20am and she was leaving, I dont remember if I hugged her or not (too tired even though I was sober) but I said we should hang out some time and she suggested to add her on Facebook I pulled out my phone and went for the number instead. She put in her number and dialed her phone.

Next move - text?
So it's now Monday. I thought I would text her since she seemed interesting but I am pretty scared of screwing up. Honestly, this is my first n-close ever and she is an HB10 (friend's mentioned she was a model), ridiculously smart and Russian (moved here a couple years ago for University).

Even though its my first n-close I'm 23, good looks, pickiest guy ever and came out of a serious relationship over a year ago.
My female friend that was not there said I should go straight in and go with something like "Hey HB10, It's Alex from AisanGirl's party. I was wondering if you were sometime next weekend to grab a coffee?"

I feel it might be a bit too brash. She also suggested that I could mention the studying and send her a trance song since she mentioned it but that could back fire really bad as trance has a ton of sub-genres.

Some help would be appreciated! Thanks