I'm posting here as we weren't really a couple at any point. We dated for five months 1-2 times a week and last couple of weeks she was being distant and didn't let me to sleep over anymore. When she wanted to sleep alone for the third time in a row I got bored and told her that we shouldn't meet each other anymore and I'm not going to be calling. After saying this she asked with a weird voice "ever?" and continued that we could meet up only for sex. I instantly refused. I was very calm and collected throughout and showed very little emotion.

This was two days ago. Yesterday she sent me a multimedia message with a picture about something related to her work which was supposed to be funny and I didn't respond.

Now the twist here is that I got introduced today for the pandora's box system. Man did that open my eyes. She is a textbook example of a seductress (Tester-Justifier-Realist). I got somewhat needy while she was testing the sh1t out of me in a new way that I didn't see coming.

I didn't let her to chase me at this time and understood her pulling back as a sign that the end is coming and therefore I wanted to end it first.

After reading this realized that this is just who she is. Excessive testing and some really weird tricks to ensure if I'm a man I claim to be. Now I see the situation differently and potentially would like to continue seeing her by taking some steps back.

IF I decide to continue dating her I obviously need to make her work for it. To chase me. I already got the "lets see if he is needy enough to respond my message one day after he broke up with me"-message yesterday. I'm sure there will be more. She will wait some time to see if I'm truly walking away.

Of course I'm not going to do anything for weeks. I'll go on without her and potentially meet her up someday in the future. Can this actually work in my advance that I'm showing balls to walk away? How hard should I let her try to re-initiate to show I mean business when she does?