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Thread: i cant get this girl to reply to anything

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    Default Re: i cant get this girl to reply to anything

    Quote Originally Posted by drgnsfire12 View Post
    Here is your response;

    LOL ??!?!?!?! That was SO LAME, .... I expect better from you
    Drgnsfire, you're the man! I wish I had read or thought of that last night. I ended up sending her "I hope you're ready for tomorrow, (nickname)"

    Thought a cliffhanger would spark up some convo but it didn't. I saw her this morning in the gym but had a zap of aa. I don't know is she saw me but I was talking with my workout partner.

    Came back to my room and found she had sent out her daily devotional (I'm in a text group that she started two weeks ago). So logically I know she HAD to have seen my last text.

    Feeling like an AFC and not trying to get caught up in oneitis, but I really like her and she seems to enjoy the time we are together. It's just seeming like I'm not making the right moves. I don't even know if I'd be even classified in the friendzone yet it seems like disinterest or annoyance...

    Anyways, sorry for hijacking OP's question, I should probably make a separate thread haha


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    Default Re: i cant get this girl to reply to anything

    Big Red ~ I have never bought into the Oneitis thing. I think that if you have found a girl who is special to you and you want to spend a lot of time on her then that is fine. Now here is a little routine you should try, I've used it several times and have secured dates. It is not written in stone and you should "go with it" but I think it's good

    Out of the blue text her;

    YOU: So ( her last name if you know it, if not her first name ) do you want the mystery box or door # 3

    HER: If she is a fun girl she will respond by picking one , if not she will question you about why you are asking her that. Insist she pick one. When she does, say

    YOU; Oh, I'm sorry, you've won a years supply of baked beans

    HER; Will make some comment on the beans

    YOU; You should have picked ( the other one mystery box or door #3) that prize was so much better

    HER; Inquires about that prize

    YOU; Dinner with me next Friday at a really nice Italian restaurant ( or whatever type you want)

    Now if she is a Wise Ass, she may say "well too bad I picked the other door", it happened to me. You reply

    YOU; Well I sort of like you so even though you didn't win, we can go still go to dinner

    put the ball in her court,see what happens, and don't read to much into it

    Try it, it has worked for me, but the outcome depends on her and her personality


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