A buddy and I went out this weekend to pick up downtown I'm 18 and he's 21. we see these two girls andi start walking towards them but my friend realized they weren't cute and called me back. They saw us and we started talking then they asked if we could walk with them and act like we're with them because some guy was messing with them. So we walked with them for a half a block to this bar then they leave. There was a group of girls taking a picture near us so I got in it and put my arms around without saying a word. We take a few pic and this guy says loudly how I look like some famous guy and one of the girls in the picture looks at me and says I'm cute and come closer to me. I put my arm around her and she put her around me. We talked for about a minute then her friend pulls her aways and she says "come back with us". Her friend keeps trying to take her and says something like you look good and everything but you're a stranger. So I say let me introduce myself then hi I'm Cameron then I introduced her to my friend so he could talk to her and stop the cockblocking lol. I got the girl's number then we left. I text her almost right away and she text back saying we need to hang out ASAP and asked if I was in the bar. I texted her to come out side, she didn't want to at first because they weren't letting people back in at this point but she finally said shell compromise and meet me at the door... She ended up comingout side. I started hugging her and touching her hands Immediately, she said I was aggressive, she couldn't believe I came back for her (I only went like two blocks away and talk to my friend about what happened lol) then she started asking me questions and complimenting me about my height and stuff. She told me that she teaches at and I tel her that in was just there today. Somehow our ages come up she's 24 and I tell her I'm 18. She didnt believe it at first( im really tall and have a lot of facial hair so i look older) Then shes like oh no I'm so bad I teach people your age I'm going to get fired and says she feels like a cougar.I told her I don't go to that school. She jokingly tells me to tell her that I'm 25 to make her feel better so I play along. Then I go in for kiss but she doesn't she kind of just look at me but doesn't back away. We talk a little more then I put her arms around my neck and she tell me to kiss her. We make out on and off for a little bit. It honestly wasn't a good make out on my part. Then her friend calls and we hold hands and walk across the street and she's saying to her friend you're not gonna believe how old he is bla bla . She tells me they're going to a friend's room nearby. Her friend turn around and says she's going to leave us alone just meet her at the room(the same friend that was cockblocking earlier,so I guess I won her over) I said I was going to go back to my friend. She started telling me that she lives very close, downtown and that we should se each other again stuff like that and that she'll call me. I tell her friend to just give me a minute then we kiss and I leave. She texted me like 5-10minutes later and I responded 2hours later. This was 3 days ago And I haven't gotten a response back.
I normally can tell where I went wrong but I'm stump on this one.
Could someone help me come up with a Re engaging text to send.

I know I probably I included too much info, I just want you guys to get the full picture so I can get the best advice. Thanks