Alright, so i knoe a lot of you brothes might be a little scared of approaching or gettinf rejected. Or what she might say back. Lets say you make a joke or anything amd she does noy laugh. The best thing to do, is not take it as a rejection, but throw it back on her as a neg!

So lets say she doesnt laugh at your joke. Instead of getting all sad, turn it around on her. Keep fighting back playfully. So be like " oh you dont get the joke??? Wow u have the attention span of a squirrel, gud thing ur cute".

Somthing along those lines it doesnt even have to be the same thing. As long as it puts her in the spot for not laughing. Do it playfully! And approach! Now u have nothing to b worried about.

Sry fr the bad grammer and spelling mistakes. It was on my phone. Imactually not even sorry but w.e. just keep playin ur game playa. Dont quit.