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    Default This girl's crazy lol

    Hey guys I needed to come on here and put this convo. because it;s kinda funny. I got this girl's # via POF and this is the second day I have texted her, monday being the first.

    ME: Hmmm do you smell that? It's trouble... I hope your looking forward to it

    HER: What trouble? youz cray cray haha

    ME: Bank heist. 1:44AM. Wanna be my partner in crime :P

    HER: obvi

    ME: So if I had to guess i'd say you like country music.

    HER: Nahh, I like Blake Shelton and a couple others but I mainly stick to pop slash anything I can dance to

    ME: Haha i only know that guy from the voice, he is hilarious. I like all genres but more rock. Pop is eh (please dont
    say justin bieber).

    HER: ut oh (sends me a picture with her kissing him)

    ME: Bieber fever! Alright I won't lie I had to take my little cousin to a concert. She loved it.

    HER: First you called me babyface and now you're comparing me to your little cousin? You really are a sweet guy.

    ME: LoL what I meant was that I took her even though he's not my favorite. But yes I am sweet

    HER: Oo now I get it, my b

    ME: Haha it's ok but you getting mad was kinda cute

    HER: Grrr

    This is just weird lol. In an odd way I like a girl like this because she doesn't take shit, but goddam. And normally I will not back track but in this case what I told her was really what I meant. The statement was supposed to be dhv by taking my little cousin to this concert. She straight up flipped out lol. But I think I handled it well, remained calm, cool, and teased her. What do you guys think? Normally i would say gnite too, but I think i'll leave it like this because it was kinda bitchy.

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    Default Re: This girl's crazy lol

    I don't see bitchy at all. I just see playful. But you're fine leaving it the way it is. If she only gives you a 4 letter response, why reward her with another message?
    "It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."

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