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    Default Texting game: keeping it simple

    Keeping it simple via text seems like the best approach. Last year I tried a lot of PUA Text stuff from here which gave me plenty of learning lessons. And since I have experienced massive amounts of failure I wanted to share something with you guys as I think I am starting to understand what works for me.

    There is a lot of stuff I learned on here but wanted to maybe offer some more thoughts from a different point of view. So here are some ideas.

    1.Texting flirting:
    I do think flirting is important for HB's u have rapport with but would rather send plain normal sounding stuff to build comfort first.
    Flirting has its ups and downs. But it can open doors to getting nexted, friend zoned, etc. If it is not done correctly it can backfire and this is what I failed to realize starting out texting HB's. I would always fall into the habit of flirting because that's all I heard and thought it worked from learning it here and girls were nexting me like crazy. The reason I think this is, is because I didn't mix up my game and got caught stuck in PUA patterns without using my gut. I go by my gut now and I think it is okay to take risks with flirting over text but best to play it safe, test the waters, and lead into flirting over text or let it come as a surprise. If you start out texting a HB through flirting you are setting yourself up as the "cool dude" that she responds to and chats with but eventually you could get friend zoned as the guy she likes having around to keep her entertained. Some guys are good entertainers and all the more power to them if it works for them in getting dates, f-closes, etc then go for it. But for me it is too risky and I would rather reduce the risk and save the challenge for the right timing, fitness tests, and recovery moments. Can you really flirt when getting fitness tested about your flirting? I had this happen to me when a girl said

    "Hey what are you wearing?" (flirty)

    Her (HB7)
    "Sorry you are asking all the wrong questions"

    I had no recovery text for the recovery moment and blew it big time by going all AFC after this since she fitness tested me and I failed. I was so stuck in flirting mode I had yet to think of anything to come out of this hole and I got sunk.

    This really made me bomb because I was just trying to flirt with her and initiate something. So I really think it takes time to get it all down but I prefer building comfort to flirting when texting any new HB. I know this is playing it safe and she could pull the "nice guys finish last" card on me but that's when I can break out the flirting at that point. Also I like being subtle about flirting and not being overly assertive about it which makes more of an impact for me. Rather than saying

    "Hey there Angel Face me and you tomorrow under the sun kissed rain"
    I would say now

    "You know it might rain tomorrow, I hope you get wet so I can laugh at you."

    This to me seems more genuine and more appealing to the girl since I believe girls hate weirdness and love authenticity. If you come up with something original I think that is better than using a canned "I saw something that reminded me of you" since I think that is a little too corny and would rather seem someone improvise with their own twist. Also I would have to have a super high state and a massive plan b recovery for the possible fitness test that could follow. When I have tried flirting with HB's over text it almost always backfires on me but when I do it nonchalantly I notice I can get away with it. I think you have to have a good comfort level or an alpha male quality to be able to pull off blatant flirting right off the bat. You guys are more than welcome to try it but I think as the story goes "Caution is the better part of valor".

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    Default Re: Texting game: keeping it simple

    most of your text game is steered by your interactions previously in person, and yeah text flirting can be a part of it, it really depends where you're at with the woman

    these are really the only tools you need imo

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