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    Default Need advice to stop her from playing htg (long distance)


    Im new here and i hope you guys can help me.

    But first, a little about me, im from Berlin - Germany, 27 years old and work in the film industry. So if my english isn't good enough, well... sucks for you then! ;).

    That should be enough i don't want to bore you, so heres my problem:

    I hooked up with a girl a few weeks ago, i have known her for maybe 8 or 9 years although not that well (friend of a friend), we have seen each other maybe once or twice a year for all those years, because she lives in Austria (since we had a vacation house i spent almost every weekend there growing up and now i just visit friends a couple of times a year). I never did anything about her before because i used to be kind of shy and thought she was way out of my league since everyone i know is into her (she's a 9!), plus she is 3 years older than me but thats not an issue anymore.
    Anyway after we spent a night together, we talked a couple of times and tried to meet while i was still in Austria, but couldn't manage it since either i was busy or she was... She texted me while i was on my ride home and since i was bored on the train for 9 hours, i texted back immediately, it was a little conversation and i started to really like her as a person, not just because she is hot... so we kept texting for about a week, about one text a day. It was sometimes naughty or sometimes a funny story of the day etc.
    After she had a really bad day after a 24h shift on the weekend (she's a medical doctor) I said id love to give her a sexy massage, she waited 4 days to reply (thursday night) and said: "oh that would be great, are you coming over? im totally fit for the we now, what are you going to do?"
    I replied the next day (i was asleep when she texted me) "i would love to come, the next time im down there you'll get it! for the weekend i planned to solve the horizon problem, build a yacht out of chopsticks or party, since i know im not able to do all of that i'll probably just go out and party... (i translated it from german, puns intended)

    Since then she hasn't texted me back, which is 6 days now...

    Im pretty sure she's playing hard to get, at least i convince myself of it ;) No girl has ever waited that long to respond to me and that drives me fu.cking crazy! She is in my head... So mission accomplished i guess...

    What do you think, Is she playing hard to get? I would like her to stop playing games tbh. How can i manage that?

    If you came this far, thanks! Your help is much appreciated and if you ever come to Berlin, ill treat you for a Beer...


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    Default Re: Need advice to stop her from playing htg (long distance)

    erm she could just be busy, I mean given that texts are meant to be answered when u have time - I hear you she's delayed it a fair bit, my hunch is that she likes you enough to want to remain in contact but not stale out the convo so quick with instant or quick replies, I'm doing the same thing with a chick at the moment because I don't have time to see her in the next week, if you're seeing her again real soon keep at it, if not delay your chats

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