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    Default Teach her to pay for herself! How?

    I have a girl from Colombia, been dating her for about a month now. From the very beginning, I paid for all of our dates. I expected her to make up her mind and start investing something back into our relationship.

    Of course, she cooked something several times for me. But I during the last month, I spent roughtly $300 bucks just on her.

    I believe going Dutch is the best way to go, because both parties invest equal in relationship.

    Yesterday, we had major argument. She invited me to a restaurant and when the bill came and I saw no action from her side I said: "Who is paying today?"

    She answered promptly: "You pay!"

    Me: "Ok, but the next time it is your turn"

    She: "Never, you pay for all the dates. I am the lady. I don't pay."

    After we left restaurant, we almost broke up just because of this. What would you guys do if you were me? I don't want to keep sponsoring her and I told her that.

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    Default Re: Teach her to pay for herself! How?

    I have read much on Latin women. They expect the guy to pay because of their culture. They expect to be treated more in the older ways. Colombian women are very catholic and very close to their families. My best advise if you want to keep her get good with her mother, her mother is like her best friend and she will do what her mother says. As far as the paying for who a latin woman... get use to it. That is what i have read and have been in relationship with several latin women. I have been to colombia myself. I am dating a brasilian now most time i pay. If i am low on cash I will say we aren't going out and then she will say don't worry I will pay but she knows i'm tight on money after my divorce so that's different. For you might also be the problem that you are chasing her.... so she feels in control. That is opposite for me since this brasilian has been chasing me for a year. If you do not feel she is totally into you and really loves you then I would end it. If she is willing to end the relationship because of this then what does the relationship mean to her ? for the money or for the love and future with you ?

    IDK you can think of her culture contributing to her response but for a attitude that she expects you to pay for everything screams gold digger. Even the woman that I was in colombia with who lived in colombia paid for some of the meals and taxis. It 's hard to answer but if you are in love look closely at all her actions...actions speak the truth.... anyone can use affectionate words. Be careful you are not being used. I feel I got used by the colombian woman I was serious about but I am glad I went to colombia...was a great adventure.

    also if you don't have plans to marry her ..then don't sponsor her. If you just started dating then don't sponsor her. I would only sponsor someone that I have know a long time and we have a future together being married. For example she is my fiancee

    just my 2 cents

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