Okay guys now that I have more time on my hands I wanted to add another topic about keeping it simple when texting girls. The last topic on this I posted it was about flirting over text and the basics of what approach you should take. Now I wanted to go a little deeper with this topic since I am not rushed.

Texting Game: Flirting P.2
So I got in the game last year and I made a lot of mistakes but the first girl I met this year I have been playing the PUA game quite well. Let me tell you about the tactics that I am using to help you guys improve or switch up your game. First off you must remember whenever you meet a new HB you have no connection with her and you must absolutely build comfort in order to do anything with her. She may not even talk to you unless there is comfort. I have learned this the hard way. My problem used to be the norm "Come on too strong" now I am playing the game as a chill dude detached from the outcome thanks to you guys and the PUA Community.

Building Comfort: Your #1 Goal
Let me tell you right now flirting did not earn me brownie points, get me dates, etc. I usually came on too strong and rushed the envelope. This caused most girls to run for the hills either right away or reluctantly run away. This is why I suggest a simple approach for most guys texting their targets once they score the number. Now the biggest challenge sometimes is just getting the number so make that your primary objective by having good inner game, having PUA routines, etc. I prefer to not be all about the flash and flair since a lot of that stuff to me is just smoke and mirrors. I have read a lot of the texts you guys send and I think we should try to change it up once in a while. My objective is not getting a girl to respond to my texts, though it used to be I noticed getting responses really puts me under the magnifying glass and everything I say is getting dissected. That being said most girls never think of guys as "friends" unless you get friend zoned and they normally always think of us as potential mates. So keep that mind set that you are a potential mate. My goal now is getting a girl into me since just shooting for getting responses to texts gets me nowhere unless I decide on a gameplan.

That being said the best approach I think you guys could take is a laid back attitude since you are fighting as it is with rejection, getting friend zoned, fitness tests, LMR, etc. I have noticed girls like laid back approaches the most where you are not all up on them drilling them, interviewing, etc since they think this is creepy. So what do you text when you first meet? This is easy let me break it down.

Just met HB (6-10) and you're ready to call or text her, great! But where do we start? You see my problem is not getting the number, Though I get rejected about 50% of the time about half of the women I approach for her digits doesn't give me too much resistance. I think it is essential that you are out there getting the numbers since that is just the first step. The best impression is the first impression and as long as you make a good first impression even if only a few min with the girl you should be in the clear. Now try to remember one thing you remember about said girl, got it? Good now use that in your first text. This shows that you are different and girls love guys that are different.

Here's an example

Hey HB6-10, this is PUA from XXX. I talked to you about your work remember? Anyways so happy I met you last night! It was great talking to you hope to do it again sometime. Have a rockstar night killer.

This is the perfect template for a first text just mix it up with your own twist. I just used this template and didn't get a response. Oh you may be thinking then forget it! Wait what is your objective with said woman? To get her to respond? NO! I have failed so many times going AFC because I was just trying to get a response to feed my ego and not get her out to tame her which should be your primary focus. Your primary focus will have to be that because if you play mind games with her you will get dissed, next-ed, friend zoned, fitness tested, etc. Now I don't use the 3 day rule for calling or texting a girl. I wait till next day and hit her up. There are so many other guys approaching her, and other things going on will she still remember you in 3 days with the same good feelings? Not unless you are Brad Pitt. Don't text or call same day that's weak and not to mention needy. I have been texting next day for a while now and have not been fitness tested or dissed for it yet so it works! One thing to keep in mind whenever you first contact a girl always text! Never call! She won't answer and you will be stuck feeling like the guy in swingers. After sending a couple of texts if she proves unresponsive I wouldn't throw in the towel yet guys! I will call her and leave a vm about where we met, etc. Call her first before giving up on contacting her.

Flirting: To flirt or not to flirt?
I don't advise flirting right off the bat as I have got huge resistance from doing this and been unable to save face or keep it together afterwards. Don't be flirting with girls all the time over text this can get boring too you know. So anyways I have 1 girl right now I am gaming being that it is winter harder to meet girls. I meet tons of women during the summertime but right now this HB6 told me to call her tonight because I played my cards right. Even though we only met a week ago at the Club I have been able to save face, send a recovery text for a recovery moment, talked to her on the phone, secured a D2, got her to display IOI's, and just had her finally text me today for the first time. So here's how I played it.

Day 1 Meet
Day 2

Hello and remember me text?

No response

Day 3 No Contact either end
Day 4


Hello and remember me VM? (Since she didn't answer.)

Hello and who are you? Yes I will go to D2 with you.

Day 5 No contact either end
Day 6



Me: Hello and I am on break. ( I was stuck in my head and acting weird)

Her: Hey I am working click! (She hung up on me and gave me attitude)

Me: Texted her 1 and half hours later because she seemed annoyed with me

RECOVERY TEXT FOR THE RECOVERY MOMENT (since she seemed annoyed by me calling her while at work)
Text: Hey HB6 I hope you stay in good spirits tonight sweetie. I know you are tied up at the moment so I'll
try calling some other time.

Her: No response

Day 7
No contact

Day 8 (Today)

No answer and I didn't leave a vm.

Texting me before the call even ended!

Text: Sorry, I am busy right now. Call back later
Me: K, I'll call u later tonight.

So we already have a phone date set up see how easy that was?

I used to send text after text after text! One time I sent 7 texts to this girl with no response! Then I called her and she answered (HB9) and she next-ed me with the "dating someone" story when I tried to secure a D2. Though she next-ed me she at least gave me a chance I just really blew it with a lot of needy texts, being overly invested in the outcome, etc.

So here this girl I have now (HB6) is giving me some breathing room which is really rare since I never have girls asking me to call them over text! I usually have them fitness testing me, lying about husbands, nexting me, etc. So when I send some first initial texts and get no response as I almost always do go ahead and try calling leaving a vm since they may call you back thinking you are different.

Conclusion: Where to go from here?

Don't get stuck in the texting trap. It is harder to call so text first. Don't be an AFC like I was texting an HB9 7 times then finally calling and getting in contact with her finally. Just mix it up and you should be looking a lot less AFC and a lot more attractive. If you do this you will probably also feel less frustrated (no oneitis) waiting 1 day or 2 to hear from her then try calling or try texting. Don't contact her every day either but at the same time don't wait a month to contact her. Also be situational since me sending her that recovery text I mentioned earlier really may have a lot to do with why we have a phone date tonight. Key word of advice don't play mind games unless you are only going for a trophy.