So I just got this girl's number who does have a boyfriend.. so I was pretty happy about it. But im not going to take it too far, just keeping her as a friend to practice pick-up and apply my knowledge. I was watching a video from Joshua Pellicer (the dude who wrote "The Tao Of Badass" ) and he said this is a great line to use. Here's how it went down:

Me: Hey, you're not that kind of girl that takes forever to respond or never responds to texts, are you? That is so annoying "

Her: Lol Uhhhhh.. I'm not going to deny it but I do take pretty long to respond back

EDIT: So here's what happend next

Me: Haha its cool. So does my name have a heart beside it already? :P

Her: Lol, I dont put hearts beside anyone's name, sorry buddy

Me: Yeah but I'm special! And buddy? Cmon we're closer than that

Her: Haha I talked to you today! (I think she means we just met today)

Me: Attraction is not a choice

Her: I hope that you aren't one of those guys that don't care about other's relationships and gets proud when you can steal a girl :/

Her: thats unattractive

So I noticed that the response wasn't the best.. but again idgaf cuz shes just practice, ha! But anyway What do you guys think?