here's the thread. this is the second time i txted her, ever, ill add the first "txt thread" below. shes a coworker i've been gaming. shes seeing other ppl but so am i. cant seem to figure this one out.

Me: Bet you can't guess what has a bottom at the top..
Her: Legs!!
Me: Dorkfish is smarter than a fifth grader!! :P

(nickname ive given her when flirting two days prior at work. slowly stacking dhv's with comfort building through Kino each time i see her which is twice a week)

Her: Oh yeahhh!
Her: What's greater then god, more evil than the devil, poor people have it, rich people want it. and if you eat it you die !?
Her: *than
Me: --> Nothing! Still as predictable as a fifth grader dorkfish :P bet your eating a fruit-o-long snack with a side of ficello and pizza pockets for lunch, cute! :P
Her: How did you know?! :O anyways need to get back to studying (I have a huge exam on addition and substraction ..Lol.) talk to you later darling ! X
Me: (didnt respond)

*personally i hate that "darling ! X" thing she has going on, seems like im on the "generic goodbye greetings" list*
she's a looker. smart and know she can play hard to get. im organizing a trip to another city this upcoming weekend, and invited many of our friends, exept her. its not too late, but im actually considering not inviting her to punish this non-responsive behaviour. thoughts?

see first txt convo below