Never tease a woman because she is good looking. In other words a lot of men make premature judgements about a woman and think that just because she dresses in a certain way, has a modelesque face or body that she must have a Naomi Campbell type of attitude.

This couldn't be further from the truth. How many times can you count(probably countless times) telling a woman that you thought she was attractive(most likely a woman you knew-friend, date, ex, cousin, etc) and she said to you "Nah, I look fat today or thanks but I look like such a tomboy today" ? Remember, just because a woman is good looking DOES NOT mean she has a "Queeny" type of attitude.

Secondly, even if she did, you typically would only tease her in front of her peer group really to disengage their concerns that you are interested in hitting on her. You may also tease her once or twice if she is alone but that is it, once again to convey that you are not phased by her looks like most men, which is very attractive to this type of woman.

Most men tease "galore" as Pauly Shore would say and they often come across as goofy, socially inept or just plain awkward. Reserve the back handed compliment only for women whose "Self perceived value" is too big for their boots, not simply because they are physically attractive. Secondly, use the "tease" sparingly and at the right times.

The rest of the time change up your "Game". Remember most women want a man who is charismatic, respectful, worldly, educated, classy, etc. The old world or old school BS of being a cocky and funny, "Dancing Monkey" are over. Women today want a combination of heart, intellect, business prowess, education, worldliness, manliness, a good hybrid between bad ass mofo and utmost gentleman, etc. not just a punk, little boy who fires off little teenie weenie bits of teases just to get a reaction like a toddler would with his mother.

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