Here are 7 Rules to "Hired Gun pick up and seduction mastery". 100% field tested and fail proof w/ Live in field examples

Rule 1. Never position yourself as just another "customer". For instance, I can't tell you how many countless times a hot hired gun would try to revert back to selling me product when we were engaged in a sexually tense interaction by saying something like

"So are you interested in Product X?"

Remember, it's a woman's job especially one who is in the service industry to try to subordinate you into another helpless puppy of a customer. Never let that happen if you want to cross the boundary from customer to potential lover with her .

You need to immediately grab control of the conversation, like Tom Cruse (Maverick) does of his F-14 in "Top Gun" when he is in the line of enemy fire and turn it towards the direction that is conducive to you closing the deal with her.

Here is a Live in field example

My response. "Hey I gotta question for you, what shirt color do you think works for me on a white suit, violet or blue?".

Do you see how I took a grip of the conversation and multi-threaded to a completely non-sequitur thread which in this case was an opinion opener?

Then you can segue into other emotionally engaging DHVs until you successfully solidify her attraction for you. This should not take more than 5-10 minutes max.

Also note that each time she re-attempts to corner you into the "customer only" space, you prevent that from happening by subtly overlooking what she says, playfully ignoring it and then continue with just demonstrating high survival, emotional and practical value to her so that she sees you as a potential lover and not as another sale!

Rule 2. How to isolate a hired gun so you can take her through the seduction process.

It will often be logistically impossible to do this while she is working but guess what my friends? Every worker is entitled to a break and if you are lucky then your target smokes and will go outside for a smoke break. So you can suggest that you will go about your business but at X hundred hours, you will meet her outside as you want to see what she is like as a person.

You can say something like: "I don't like people that are paid to sport a personality and smile. It has to come genuinely from within. I am keen to get to know you for a bit. So here is what you are going to do. You are going to meet me at entrance Y(if it is a Mall) and then I will join you for a smoke and we can touch base, for a few minutes again-cool?"

Hired Gun: "Okay sure...what time and what exit?"

Remember, you will only encounter such a positive scenario or outcome, if you did your job properly and attracted her or at the very least sparked some level of interest in her for you, while interacting with her in the store.

Also note that it is extremely important to take a woman away from the public eye and carry on the seduction process in a semi-secluded area because you never want to make her feel cheap and slutty for talking to you which is what will happen if you force her to do so, while she is still in her working environment.

Rule 3. If you are at a restaurant like Hooters for instance and one of the Hooters girls comes up to you and says:

"Hi there can I take your order please?"

You can say: "You may have the honor of taking my order but only after you do one thing for me sweets. You know I gotta tell ya', you are very pretty but I have this standard of only being serviced by not only beautiful but super intelligent and worldly women. So first tell me where is the largest bridge in the world located"

(wink or smile at her in a playful fashion of course, so that she understands that you are playful and not trying to demean her in any way)

Note: Reserve this semi-cocky type of opening to the Hooter's girl who is the hottest, has the highest degree of "Male social proof" and has an air of arrogance about her due to her looks. You really need to micro-calibrate this!

If delivered with the right undertone and playful body language, it will cause her to get all giddy and laugh.

Or you can say: "Since I am not really into boobs, but am more of an ass man.--you'll have to work extra hard tonight for me honey okay?"(wink)

Or you can say-"Yes you can, but first did you hear about the super-weird girl in the paper who said "No"?"

She will say: "No!" ( You ass!). OMG I can't believe I fell for that"

You: "It's okay at least you were a great sport about it. I like that. You know I like a woman who is open to trying new things and something tells me you are. True?"

Now what woman in her right mind will say no to that. Most will say that they are, so that they don't come off as hermits or prudes.

You can then say: "I am going to show you something cool when you get back but for now I would like to order some XYZ"

Then when she returns you can use any one of a million dhv's to get her attracted to you

Remember, once again never place your self as the dumb-founded, sexless Hooters Girl drooling puppy, but brand yourself as a potential lover to these women. Got it? Great!

Also note that just because a woman works at Hooters or any other sleazy bar type of environment, it doesn't necessarily mean that she is only "Tits and Ass with legs".

Many of the girls that work there, in fact are either getting a head start in the hospitality industry and eventually want to work for a more classy establishment, while others are just working part time to supplement their income.

Therefore, you want to treat these women as intelligent people who have standards and sprinkle some intelligent dialogue when conversing with them. For instance, teach your waitress things about her facial structure and how it relates to her disposition, engage her in some cool psychological tests ( For example the Trust test), teach her things about pressure points, etc.

For instance, I will say to a waitress:

"You look tired and stressed out" or " I can tell by your facial expressions what your internal mood is" if I really want to create a spike in her curiosity and engage her interest.

She will say: "I've had a long day"

Me: "Okay come here, let me show you how to get rid of that in minutes. Give me your hand! Do you know where your pressure points are? Probably not. Here let me show you".

Note: I actually have knowledge of pressure points and so the names I use for each one in my examples below are actual names of pressure points.

I will then tell her that the point that is found on the largest crease of the inner wrist, in line with the pinky finger is called "Wrist Rite" and then gently massage it. I will simultaneously tell her while I am doing it that it is relieving tension right now and making her feel more calm.

This usually gives most women goosebumps and makes them feel a tingling sensation down their spine!

It is also as you can imagine and excellent way to escalate your touch with a hired gun in this sort of environment.

By the way- I do have knowledge about pressure points, but even if I didn't it, she will still start to feel nice and calm because I am implanting in her sub-conscious mind suggestions that she is. As a result, she will believe it and experience an actual physiological change in her body, for the better.

She will also associate the wonderful new feeling of calm and relaxation to me. Remember any guy that can engage a woman's emotions and also knows how and where to touch her is miles ahead of the competition.

I will then say to her: "I know another area on your inner foot, called "Bubble Spring". This pressure point is located on the bottom of the feet, 2/3 of the distance from the heel to the ball of the foot. Touching it in a certain way immediately removes fatigue. However I only do it to women who have sexy feet, not nasty feet".

See how this sets up a challenge for her now to prove to me that she has nice feet but also a chase dynamic?

I will add to that: "And I can't really see yours with those sneakers you've got on. By the way, you need to get a pair of high heels when you get together with me for a coffee or drink okay? Sneakers to me are Blahh! I love high heels on a woman. In fact they should be branded on every woman's foot".

Hooters girl: Laughs or giggles and is really hot for me at this point!

Furthermore notice how I am also implanting an expectation of a future date with her.

Then each round that she comes back, I will just implant one cool demonstration of value, a cool yet arousing touch movement, segue into qualifying her and then If she jumps through my hoops, I will say:

"Okay you know what you are going to do? You are going to give me your number and I am going to call you in 2 days. Then we are going to get together and shoot the shit. You're going to have a blast hanging out with me. Plus, I am always looking to expand my social circle of cool women-cool?"

Her: "Okay, you can call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX"

The rationale here is to remove the concept of a date from her mind, as that is too much pressure for a woman to deal with after just one meeting. It is easier for her to accept your invitation to meet up again if you simply set it up as an opportunity for you both to just hang out and feel each other out. Bottom line- Just take things in incremental chunks and you will score a day 2 with a hired gun 100% of the time.

So here is how I would attract beautiful servers in a restaurant such as Hooters. You would need to calibrate your approach to the venue, social character of the place and consequently the female staff there.

Rule 4. If you go to a mall, then always check outside the entrances because that is where many hot Hired Guns who smoke spend their time while on break. They are more calm, relaxed, usually smoking, checking their blackberry's or iPhones and are real bored.

They crave the stimulation they get from dealing with people and the social dynamics they encounter at their work place(especially if they are in sales). Consequently, they are open to some excitement even while outside. You can take advantage of this and meet, attract and date many hot hired guns from this outdoor smoking area.

One of the ways to start a conversation is to bust their balls. For instance, I go to this one Mall when I conduct Hired Gun or Mall Game Mastery live in field training programs for clients and outside of the entrance are these seating areas where the women sit on. I will then walk up to a smoking hot hired gun and say.

"Oh no -you didn't sit there did you?( With an over the top Goofy yet surprised look on my face and sporting a very playful attitude)-A bum spilled his urine cup there"


"So where is the donation cup next to you?"

The seating area is a low level concrete piece and looks sort of like something you would find in skid row."

Tease type openers are a very powerful way to Jolt these women's Limbic systems into responding with positive emotion and getting them open to talk to you. You can then transition into a nice conversation and then use that opening to take your target hired gun through the seduction process.

Rule 5. Demonstrate superior knowledge, experience and authority to a hired gun in her own field.

For instance, since I am very knowledgeable about psychology and its application in the "Selling Cycle", I will teach a woman the concept of "Eye Accessing Cues" and how she can use them to determine her customer's dominant representational systems and sell to them more effectively. If you are not sure what eye accessing cues are and how you can use them to read a person, then simply Google them.

Remember, demonstration of authority in any area especially one where a woman is immersed in herself is a surefire way to really convey value to her.

She will most likely find you interesting and attractive and want to get to know you a bit more.

Rule 6. You can walk into an "All Female" clothing store and open/engage a hot hired sales agent there with a funny opinion opener.

For instance:

You: "Hi I am trying to pick up something for my aunt-who is a cougar in the making and I thought I would support her cause"

Hired gun: Laughs!

Then you can simply layer other conversational threads that have DHV tidbits within them and emotionally engaging content, balance the attraction material with some qualifiers, sprinkle some cool, yet non-invasive touch escalation movements like a "hi five" if she shows you the sluttiest outfit for your aunt coupled with telling her that you like her open-mindedness and sense of humor and how because of that she can hang with you- as an example.

Rule 7. Attracting Night club hired guns-The key to picking up bartenders, shooter girls, hostesses or promotional models that work in these flesh driven environments is to sport a super confident attitude, bring out every ounce of charisma that is within your core and then demonstrate massive "social proof" from other women.

In other words, these girls need to see that you are "Social God Supreme" or in other words "McMaax" and that the female patrons of the place are digging you. For instance, if you want to increase your chances at picking up a hot bartender at a posh lounge or nightclub, walk up to the bar with a girl to grab a drink and then use your chick as a vehicle to interest the bartender.

Here is a Live in field example

You: Referencing the bartender- "Hey Josie, this chick is so copying your style-haha!"

Josie the pivot: "OMG, your right Maax-Hey missy where you get your clothes and make up from?"

Bartender: "I get it from Sephora, why?"

You: "Don't worry honey---I roll with girls that have high aesthetic and fashion standards and don't like other women copying their style. She just detected a very similar type of clothing and make up style on you that she usually sports and she doesn't like to see another girl with the same thing. Nothing big! she is awesome and just likes people to be original. I can't stand when two things look the same myself, unless they are a nice set of breasts wink if you know what I mean?"

Bartender: "HaHa! I know me too."

Josie: "Hey Maax-this is a cool one. Perhaps she can hang with us sometime (Looking at the bartender) and in fact I think she also matches your high standards for personality because she is friendly and has a sense of humor, right honey?"

Bartender: "Of course I do".

Me: "Cool! So listen, since you are cool and very friendly I will come back and talk to you in a bit okay. When I do and if you are free, all eyes on me okay baby? I want to find out a bit more about you"

Bartender: "Okay for sure!"

Then leave with your female pivot and rack up some more social proof by engaging other women with your pivot, all within the field of view of the hot female staff there.

Subsequently, when you go back to the original bartender you were speaking to or up to a new one, there will be a much greater chance that she will welcome your advances. Remember, the importance of demonstrating "Pre-Opener Value" before you open women of beauty and quality and especially in demonstrating "social proof" from the female patrons within a social environment before attempting to successfully court a hot hired gun.

I am currently teaching a "Hired Gun Game" mastery, live in field program in Toronto, Canada and Montreal.

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