Confusion struck me back in January when I added a really sweet looking girl on facebook.

She came up in my "People You May Know" thing and I texted a mutual female friend of ours:

"Talk to me about your friend "Sandy"...

"Sandy is lovely! She's mad funny XD Add her!"

"Play cupid, make this happen and you'll for sure be bridesmaid at our wedding!?"

So then she texts "Sandy" saying "my friend Strider might add you, he's a lovley guy!"

She replies "cool cool!"

Already, I've showed's pretty clear as to what I'm after right!? Which isn't really a good thing. I add her and the convo goes like this:

Strider: Hey Sandy! Look, you popped up in my "people you may know" thing and I really recognise you from somewhere!? I asked *mutual friend" and she doesn't think we've met...but she DID say how lovely you were. And hey, the more lovely people I know the better! Hope you're all good x

Sandy: Ah well *mutual friend" never lies x

Strider: So you're self confessing your own "loveliness"!? That's pretty lovely I must say.

Sandy: Read it how you want you but surely to make your own opinion it'll be best to make your own decision?! ... I might be a monster but you wouldn't know because you're taking advice from *mutual friend*

Strider: Hmm you intrigue me Miss *surname* Well if you're part monster/part lovely...I guess that isn't TOO bad! AND why should I not be taking advice from *mutual friend*!? She hasn't led me astray thus far...

NOTHING in a month now. I'm trying to think of ways to reengage this girl, any suggestions?

My Facebook is super high value, the profile is built to Pick Up all means this chick should be flattered that I'm even acknowledging her!

I started following her on Instagram, and she followed back...she liked ONE photo about 3 weeks ago, where I was wearing fucking Wolverine claws (You can't hide the geek!)

But yeah, I really wanna re-open!!! Help a brother out!?