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    Default Preventing Flaking: Share your thoughts

    So now that I have been getting numbers frequently and getting past my aa to approach a HB9 I wanted to hear what you guys think of preventing flaking. This seems to be a big thing right now with my rotation. Getting them to respond is also a challenge but I am trying to focus on how to prevent flaking while I get better at texting.

    If you sense a girl about to flake should you eject first and then re-initiate later? I'm curious because building attraction is something very hard to do over text and was wondering if you guys think preventing flaking could be resolved by non-neediness and alpha male attitude?

    My thoughts on this are to build comfort first. I mean to get a girl to consistently communicate with me I think would be the best way to prevent flaking. I know we think to go for the meet up right away but I have been encountering a fair amount of resistance and girls getting creeped out by this type of aggression as they perceive.

    Maybe it's better to get to know her first then after a while after developing good rapport and comfort to go for the meet up since going for the meet up right away keeps causing these girls to flake on me.

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    Default Re: Preventing Flaking: Share your thoughts

    What I've found is that your texting will only be as strong as the thoughts she has of you when you got her number (if that makes sense). For example, I've had a few n-closes lately that have been sort of brief encounters with HBs that didn't allow me to display anything much that would give her reason to be overly attracted to me, of course except the fact that I was confident enough to approach and ask for her number.

    One of my most successful n-closes, which has turned into a really good casual relationship, started at a club when I really put the time in to dazzle this chick on the dance floor, getting really intimate with our kissing and dancing together. Why I think this worked really well is because I didn't get her name that night let alone a phone number, but rather I found a tagged photo on FB a few days later and got in contact through that. However she got back to me straight away because she said she couldn't stop thinking of me and had even given me a cute nickname to tell her friends about me.

    This may not directly answer your question but I think that in regards to preventing flaking, this is something to think about and may make you change your game a bit... I know it has for me.

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