Hi all,

So I went on a ski trip recently with a bunch of students in a different major from mine (so the point is I went with a bunch of strangers). I met this group of friends who welcomed me into their circle, and we hung out most of the weekend. I've since added them on facebook.

Present day:
So one of these girls, HB8, is pretty cute. We didn't get the chance to interact much during the trip though since she's the quiet type. anyways, it's been a couple of days since the trip, and I figure I should try to FB her and see if it goes anywhere.

the chat: keep in mind we're asian hence the bubble tea. also block of text alert, sorry if I didn't space it out well.

Me: Hey how's it going? you look like someone who enjoys bubbletea. what's the best place to get it downtown?
HB: pretty good..
HB: umm..i don't like any places dt to be honest
HB: but if i had to choose
HB: ___ would be a good choice
Me: this one? (I link a review of the place she mentioned)
HB: yep
Me: its awfully close to your school
HB: lol which is why we used to go there :P
Me: are you sure its not just convenient?
Me: used to? uh oh did something change
HB: (goes on about flavorings and colors and jelly and stuff for 4 sentences)
HB: so I think that's my standard
HB: the taste isn't too bad
HB: and yeah, it's just close to go to. haven't explored much dt...
HB: i'm not the right person to ask about suggestions in dt
Me: sadly, I also haven't explored dt much. but my roommate and I wanted to remedy that and explore starting tomorrow.
Me: ok I'll check it out tomorrow
HB: ok let me know how you think about it (lol grammar fail?)
Me: its close to where I work anyways. i gotta go sleep, work tomorrow morning. see ya.
Me: I'll let you know if its any good.
Me: ps whats your favorite one to get there?

at this point I actually am in a hurry to sleep so I just close my FB and hit the sack. Next day, I check and see:

HB: I get the x and the y..
HB: but apparently the y goes well with their special z

So I haven't replied since. I was thinking maybe give it 2-3 days before restarting the convo, quickly end this bbt topic before it gets stale, and moving onto dhv/building comfort/attraction.

But I wanted your opinions first. Did I lose my shot? Or am I on the right track? What do you think I should do next?