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    Default Asks a lot of questions but playing hard to get??

    I got to know this girl when i was in my previous company and while i was interested in knowing more about her, i was about to quit and she was taking over my duties so i did not feel it was appropriate and i left it at that.

    But a few months after i left, i started texting her and we started to chat more and more. Her response has been pretty ok (most of the time she only takes a few minutes to reply and the replies are quite long), she asks a lot of questions about me (my likes and dislikes) and seems generally interested to keep the conversation going. She has also initiated conversations a few times.

    From what i observed while i was still in the company, she does not appear to be such a friendly person in public.

    So after a few weeks of chatting and after she ask me about what type of movies i liked and me asking her back(she said she is ok with any type of movie), i decided to ask her out for a movie.

    To be honest i was quite hopeful but to my surprise she said it was not a movie she is interested in watching and when i suggested another movie, she said she was busy with work and could not spare time to come out.

    Although i do know that she is a bit of a workaholic ( eg. working at home on holidays), i am still skeptical on whether it is her subtle way to telling me that she is just trying to be friends and want me to leave it at that.

    So is she playing hard to get or just not interested at taking another step forward?

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    Default Re: Asks a lot of questions but playing hard to get??

    Based on what you are describing, you are being an AFC and you stopped escalating.

    Girls always want to be escalated in at least some manner. I'm not saying to text-rape her, but if you got her to emotionally brain-dump on you, then start to incorporate overtones of sex because she clearly trusts you and you now have a base on which to advance yourself.

    Like. "I didn't want see the movie either. I only picked that one because I was going to sit in the back and let you feed me popcorn in exchange for my kisses."

    Or. "We need to take a day off of all this deep talk and just make out for about 173 seconds. I think that is what the world needs right now."
    - CR

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