I have been giving the online dating thing a try. I haven't done as well as I do in live situations. I have used some suggestions from this forum without success, so I modified the info to come up w/this for my profile:


A little about me...
You MUST BE a very LUCKY person! You hit the JACK POT when you found this FANTASTIC GUY, yours truly: MOI ! Don't you love the sound of that word? MUAH - kiss me!

Why am I fantastic? You ask. Well, I can't help it. I was just born that way.

I love to cook! PLUS, I enjoy doing hsehold chores. My favorite chore is ironing clothes . I don't even think of hsehold work as chores. They're like a hobby to me. Chores relax and entertain me. If I misbehave, and you need to punish me, don't let me iron clothes. I get chills just thinking about it

I'd make a GREAT BOY FRIEND with BENEFITS too! You'd be in for a TREAT with all the benefits I come with. I will take you out, give you flowers, nachos, Ben & Jerry Ice Cream at 2AM. I'll stand in the freezing rain to save you a spot in line on Black Friday.

About the one I'm looking for...

Do you like movies? I love them. We can watch the heck out of some movies together if you like, or go get some eats and drinks, or work out, hike, play video games or board games or just wrestle.*

I added this a week ago and have had an increase in views, but only two replies, which I quickly number closed & made dates. Neither one of the women admitted to reading the profile and said they went by my photos.