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    Default Online sarging situation advice needed

    Ok guys Iíll try to be quick

    -Online sarge with a girl that lives 1.5 hours train ride away.

    -Instant connection and chemistry not much ďgameĒ only some role playing and loads of funny and interesting convo

    -2 weeks later we meet and go away on a weekend which was fab. Kissed within an hour, night was wild! Loads of talking and connection, fab conversation, clear sky nights, went away on the car. Basically the perfect weekend.

    -Never had any sort of talk as to where this was going, she didnít bring it up and thought I should avoid it given that the distance would instill pointless doubts in her head

    -After that weekend weíre texting daily, interest is obvious, the 2nd weekend after the original we met I suggested another meet up but she said ďthat sounds really fun but I'm really busy buying stuff for the new house" (a valid excuse)

    -Itís been a full week after that and even though Iím dropping hints to meet again and trying to get the conversation to arrange a concrete plan I feel sheís somewhat avoiding it. She keeps texting me though and shows interest generally and Iím in confusion.

    She probably is genuinly very busy with job and new house. The advice I need is on how to handle this because we havenít met ever again after the first fab weekend and frustration is starting to kick in.

    Iím thinking:

    a) ask her when does she think sheíll be free again (little bit devaluating) and if she gives no definitive response just think about moving on. When there is a will there is a way... she would've made time by now

    b) Keep the texting and chatting as it is and see what happens. Pushing for a meet up might drive this busy girl away.

    c) Reduce considerably my amount of interest shown and see if sheíll react

    d) (your suggestion different from the above)

    I really like her so i'd like the best advice to get this going somewhere

    Thank you and sorry for the length

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    Default Re: Online sarging situation advice needed

    Text one of these:

    R1 - Hey. Stop ignoring me. Are you really busy, or just being really stingy. Man-up and set a day for a repeat.

    ** this is cocky/funny and the "stop ignoring me" is a wonderful line that tells her you are thinking of her, but at the same time man enough to even say it in a funny way.

    R2 - You don't need a new house. You can live in my attic and be my sex slave.

    R3 - You have 6.23 days before I stop loving you.

    R4 - It's okay if you're gay. Just tell me so I can go back to chronic masturbation and dreaming about our time out of town. Really, don't worry about me, I'm sitting here with a bottle of astroglide and doing just fine.

    ** THE BEST WAY to elicit repsponse after prolonged periods of time is to just act funny and like you don't care. Otherwise, you display clingy sissy-behavior. And especially in this case, your entire first round was a display of adventurism. What girls wants to hook up with superman, only to find out that he is a sissy who just wants picnics. If your first date was intense, then increase the intensity of your sexual overtones in texts to bring that back out of her, because it's down there somewhere. You have to get to that part of her and knock off the "omg, what will she think" behavior. It's a killer.
    - CR

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