Hey everyone i've been reading the forum for a while but this is my first actual post. Hope it will be one of many.

p.s (before i start, just making you know english is not my main language and im far from good at it so bare with me on this one)

Okay i will explain my story with this girl so you can see the whole picture. Take this as a field report but where i need help at the end.

She is a HB9 and im prety average looking. Without the game i would never in a million year have a chance with this kind of girl. I meet her at a valentines day party in my university. Opened her and her frends with good success and applied alot of neg/dhv to her. Everything started prety smoothly and started to see she wasnt just good looking. She then started the expected sh1t tests. Since it was valentines day and she was a high HB I had a lot of those during the night and i think i managed them prety well. And better was the fact that two AFC tryed to open her but she rejected them in 5 min or less.

I had a good feeling about this and started to escalate. Took her one on one and some of her frends even cheered for me while she was at the bathroom. After about 10 min of one on one and she tell me. I got to go see ya. Then rush to the entrance and leave the party. I was astonished. This was a disaster since i didnt even get her number. After talking to one of her friend I learned she broke up 3 mouth ago with a guy that she was dating for 2 years +. He acted like a real douche and isnt even in her fb frends now.

Going back home I though I just made some mistake somewhere and just got myself ever it. Usualy in this case i still add them on fb so I did. 5 days later I see her online and just figured I would give it a try.

This is a short version of it

Me: Hey cinderella your pumpkin took you home safely the other night?
Her: HAHAHAHA I am just like that I like to keep the suspence
Me:But the prince charming didnt have facebook
sky:1 Prince:0
Her:Hahahahaa good job
Me: Hey while i think about it lest play a game of riddle (searched that one on google not sure if it the right translation)
ima give you a hint _ _ _- _ _ _- _ _ _ _
Her: WOOOT nice hint! I have nooo clue
Me: 4 4 4-_ _ _- _ _ _ _
Her: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH AHAHA you realy are a funny dude are ya.
Me: you didnt find it yet
Her: Nice try cowboy. I will be my cinderella now and have my way again. Have a good night.

Okay so that's the end of my story hope you liked it. But now its time to help me.
I feel there is 4 things that might have happened
1. She is not interested
2. She is not ready and is keeping me on hold
3. She is playing hard to get and this are just another of her many sh1t test.
4. She thinks im realy funny and nice but that im out of her league

I hope you sticked with me to this point and if you did that you like my story. Pliz leave a comment on what do you think, what should i do and on the post itself ( i feel its way too long now but i wrote it so i might was well post it).