So I am trying to get out of a potential friendzone..... i felt she was getting cold to some of my advances ( she just broke up with her ex and dumped a needy rebound guy..... she is very confused between being lonely and wanting to find herself as a single person)

i am using that idea of her afraid to be lonely against her.....since she has pretty much made lame excuses about not taking things to the next level of progressing...I tried Freezing Her Out.....but she would send text messages every hour trying to get my attention , so I didnt even last a day.

My question is this.....what to do when you want to Freeze Out and make her think about the idea of me being out of her life ( i kinda threatened her that i might need to cut her out of my life....hence all the text messages she was sending trying to get my attention) i ignore all text messages ( but should i really punish her for seeking my attnetion?) and I know she will eventually ask if im ok or ignoring her and why( what to do when I get those kinds of questions without sounding like an AFC and trying to re-engage her with making her want to date).