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    Default What should I do next... did I lose her interest?

    Alright so I have been reading these forums for a while and using a lot of the things I learned I got a date with a HB7 who I met through a friend during snowboarding.

    Ok so first date: I ask her if she wanted to come out for a drink but she suggested we watch a movie instead. I texted back " throw in dinner and we have a date" her reply to that was "Hahaha... ok : )"

    So we watch a movie and go for dinner after. I keep up the whole cocky funny thing but to be honest throughout dinner I didn't feel the same chemistry I felt on the day I met her. I do know I failed on the Kino aspect because the only time I touched her was when I we were walking to my car and I tried to make her find it. When she couldn't I physically directed her in the right direction.

    When I dropped her off she looked at at me and said "Thanks for tonight (3 second pause)... maybe Ill see you next time we go snowboarding"

    I'm not sure if it was a hint that she wasn't interested or not.

    About an hour after I got home I texted her "forgot to thank you for buying the drinks"

    she replied with "Oh don't be silly! I had a good movie, good dinner, nice car ride and good company! I should be thanking you actually"

    followed by
    "So have u decided to go boarding yet? Or are you going to rest your knee tomorrow?" (I hurt my knee snowboarding the week before and I was on the fence about going boarding the next day)

    (I already planned on not going cause she wasnt going so i said)
    me: I will try out some skip rope to test it out

    her: haha alright well have a good day tomorrow. Gotta head to bed now preparing for tough coaches on the court tomorrow . Nite nite

    me: annddddddd.... I just reintroduced a limp into my walk... looks like tomorrow will be a rest day.

    her: omg u ninja! play safe!

    me: have fun tomorrow! good night

    her: good night

    Now after this which was Saturday I didn't talk to her again till Tuesday and I'm not sure but she seemed a bit colder?

    me:Happy not monday!
    her: good afternoon
    me:whats for lunch?
    her: breakfast burito
    me: I see you are quite the wild one eating breakfast for lunch... I wish I could live as dangerously as you
    her:dangerous is for the young
    her: you should play safe
    me: hey hey hey......I'm not that old =S! (im 27 and she is 24)
    her: let me know when yo can do a double backflip(she pulled off a double back flip on the crash pad and I could only do a single)
    me: wow so much hostility... ok then how about we go karting then kiddo? You youngens should be pretty fast
    her: sorry... I prefer to race in real cars -_-
    me: Psshh... Excuses cause your scared >=)

    After this she didn't reply.. it probably wouldn't be the first time she did something but .... now that we sorta have had our first date I am not too sure how to proceed any times on my next move? and tell me things I did wrong?

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    Default Re: What should I do next... did I lose her interest?

    you made a few mistakes.she was very interested in you after the date since she subtly suggested pretty much had a little bit flat convo after the date.have you told her you are attracted to her or communicated it.since you were talking about one technique cocky funny i think you have done quite well but you need to escalate.

    .u also bought into her frame(old guy) a bit too much i thought you'll reframe

    simply talk innocently to a few girls have them in your life and go back.this shouldn't take very long.

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