Facebook has become a great medium to get to know people and meet new friends. Facebook is also coming out with their upgraded search engine soon which will allow you to search for people in a wide variety of categories varying from city, to gender, to their relationship status...I believe facebook is a great way to dhv yourself but there is a fine line between narcissism and genuienly socializing so I thought I'd contribute a few tips to help give you an edge in standing out:

1. A GREAT PROFILE PIC- There's already an amazing guide for this somewhere in the forum and I suggest you read it. Essentially it states these:

- No pics of you in the bathroom without a shirt. It shouts "I'm a douche!!"

- No pics of you getting hammered at the bar with your friends. You look like a buffoon.

-No pics of you in large groups of people, the focus should be on you, so unless you're center stage, save it for the "Adventures" album.

-Try to avoid the "self taken" profile pictures. They reek of self-consciousness and we all have that friend(s) who have a hundreds of them. Find a picture that someone else took or if you really have to...use the timer button on your phone/camera.

-Post pictures of you doing activities and hobbies that reflect your lifestyle. If travelling is your thing, make your Timeline Photo a pic of a landmark of a place you've been. If you golf, post a pic of you putting a hole in one. If you like fishing, post pics of a trout you caught. Show the world that you have a life and the person viewing it should be jealous of it.

-Your profile pic shouldnt look like a mugshot, nor should you grin from ear to ear like a crazy person. A cocky smirk, or a half-smile exudes confidence.

2. What...ABOUT ME
-You're About Me should be short and sweet, I personally don't even have one. Odds are most people won't even read it. Let your pictures, "Likes", and status updates tell the viewer all about who you are. Some people like putting a quote which is fine as long as it's not too cliche or whiney. You don't want to divulge too much information in a text format because you want the person to have a reason to ask you something, a little bit of mystery goes a long way and you won't get that if you post your whole life story.

-"Likes" are a great way to share your interest and hobbies without posting a ton of pictures. Bands you listen to, Movies you love, and activities you do are essential to creating something in common with people. Be selective though. I love watching Dragonball Z, but I'm not going to "Like" it on Facebook because not too many girls find it an attractive quality (go figure?). The page "Girls with Great Asses" just makes you look like a pervert.

-These are just as important as your profile pic. Remember that less is more, nobody cares that you just bought a Coke Zero or that you're "Feeling kind of down today", always stay positive.

-Limit status updates to once a day or once every few days, I never read any status updates by people who post ten times a day and they just become annoying. LESS IS MORE.

-When you do post, make it worth reading: A funny joke or quote, a pic of you and your dog at the park, an ironic situation or a DHV story all generate "Likes" and "Likes" on your status are a one way ticket to pre-selection.

-Avoid hashtags unless they're being used ironically.

-If you're at a social event with your friends tell them to take a picture, odds are they'll upload it to facebook and tag you in it. This leads to pre-selection especially if you're tagged by women. They do all the work, and you reap the benefits without looking like a narcissist/attention whore.

That's all for now, no go forth and post (sparingly)!