Ok, let's see how good you guys really are...

I'm going out tomorrow to meet a woman that I had a date with Thursday night.

The date itself seemed great, we chatted a lot, seemed to reflect body language as well as having fun with banter and jokes. I had asked her in a date midway through the first date and she agreed and was very open to it, telling me that she was free any day.

Today she gave me the friend zone text which confuses the crap out of me!

As far as I knew, she & I were going good. So what happened? She told me that she felt like she could chat to me in the same way that she would chat to an old friend.

So I managed to accept this, why? You have to accept, no point arguing and in the end she has agreed to go out tomorrow night with me again but I think as 'mates'.

So what do I do to make this one succeed? I have my pick of other women but this week I have been on three first dates and she is the only one to excite me. So I'm open to the idea if other women...but..I want to have the woman that I know I want.

Please advise me if approaches...

So far I've come up with

Different hair style, different look...why? If she has framed me as friend then she will have framed how I looked. If I want to change her mind, I must change my image,

Argue with her, not aggressively but instead to assert myself and let her know that I won't fall in line and be compliant with her

Arrive five minutes late, therefore giving her time to think whether I'm turning up

Any other advice?