Hey so I just want some advice on where to proceed and where I could improve my online game with this girl. A good friend/coworker of mine hooked up with this Tina girl like a week ago, he shows up to a party of mine with her and she was all over me the whole night.

Out of respect for my friend I didn't do anything, but now that I saw how she wasn't really that into him, I figure he's had his shot with her, so i'd swoop on in. Here's my facebook messages so far, at the end of these I just stopped messaging her altogether and am probably waiting till tomorrow sometime to message her back.

Any advice with her? also any idea how to handle my friend? he's beta as fark but i feel bad and have to work with him.

So here's the Facebook messages...

Hey I hope you had a fun time! kinda turned into a crazy night later on, but it all seemed to work out. Anyways, thanks for coming and bringin the booze! We should definitely kick it again sometime

yeah definitely! I had such a fun night besides him being drunk, and I've dealt with that kinda drunk guy a lot. Anyways I like all of you a lot! We should definitely chill again!

Yeah for sure! Hey i'm gonna be straight up for a second though, u actually interested in logan at all? Cause I mean i'm good friends with him, so I'm not gonna get in between anything, but if not we should totally go grab a bite some time next week! I wanna hear some more about Jersey and New York!

Haha, I told him I just dont wanna hook up with anyone, I just broke up with my ex a few weeks ago and the way I see it is that if logan and I are meant to have something, we will in time, if not hes a really good friend and im fine with that. but yeah lets get something to eat sometime!


Definitely know the feeling, ya get a little tipsy, things happen too fast and it can fark up a good friendship. But right on! I'm busy next weekend judging up at weber for the state debate tournament, but i'm free tuesday or thursday if ur not busy!

ill be working till 7 on both those days so we'll have to figure it out

Troy Maynes
ya, well i'm coaching from noon to 4ish on the other days so i guess those work too

but all of us should go out to eat
like all the people we were with the other night (:

that might be cool, I can't wait till the summer too! I always got together some big groups for hikes and camping trips, u very outdoorsy?

yes! i love hiking (:
camping is awesome too


Yeah if there's one great thing about Utah it's the diverse camping! I've been wanting to get a big crew together for maybe a lake powell trip or something.

damn, id have to get time off but in the summer that would be awesome