After taking a break from the message board I decided to return and contribute this article of information for fellow readers. I have noticed that a lot of followers and aspiring pua’s continue to have certain problems, and it follows a particular reoccurring theme of trying to hook up with a new girl they met, getting their ex back, after a opener what do I say, does she like me and so on.

It seems like after we meet a new girl and myself included (at one time) we lose our identity in that we become self absorbed with the person we hardly know whereby creating situations of oneitis, neediness’, and desperation. We feel that we can’t live without that person although we managed to do it for however long we’ve been on earth. Some guys, after meeting a new girl feel that they are the answer to her dreams and that they are what she has been waiting for all her life although we may not admit it, it’s the opposite. Women keep their options open by not falling for the first guy to come along, and after all she has a ton of guys hitting on her especially if she is a HB8 and above, and the ones who aren’t HB8s are doing pretty good themselves.

IF men had the attitudes of women where he had a ton of women hitting on him every hour of the day, knowing that he could have any woman at the snap of his finger or getting his ex back whenever he called her you would have all the confidence in the world, and just knowing it you would have a lot of confidence. As men we need to adopt this mindset (not just thinking it, using some trick or pretending) but really believe it and keeping our options open. How can I accomplish this you say! First by

1. Stop trying to hookup: If you have done your job right maybe after a night of sarging, at the club or whatever you should have a few numbers from ladies you can hookup with. Some guys continually say that I met this girl and we really clicked and she gave me her number. The next day or whatever you call or text her trying to arrange a time to meet you run into flakiness or rejection. Now if you have more than one number you can go on to the next lady or ladies to see if they want meet up thereby eliminating neediness and desperation. The more you try to hookup with one lady and she starts flaking on you the more you will continue to try, and end up looking like an AFC. If a lady is unsure about hooking up ask her to hang-out with you and some friends and if she still flakes just move on and live your life.
2. Grow a Set: If you are talking to a lady or anyone for that matter and you don’t like what they say to you either tell them about it or just turn and walk away. Always have an opinion or a set of beliefs about something don’t just agree with her hoping that will get your closer to your goal of farking.
3. Be Independent: Show her that you had a life before you met her. So often as men we feel we must take on the woman’s interest, be available, and doing things to please her. This is the fastest way to being just friends, rejection or an emotional crutch. Don’t stop hanging out with your boys, pursuing your interest, and living your life.
4. Take Risks: Some guys get gripped in fear they are afraid to talk to a woman, call her, or text her you need to be fearless. Approaching a woman; what is the worst that could happen? Rejection, embarrassment! It’s not going to kill you. I have yet to read a story where a man died from trying to talk to a woman.
5. Have an Adventurous Spirit: In that I mean you may scuba dive, take a road trip with no planned destination, sleep under the stars, indoor skydiving experience, or an introductory helicopter flight. These are adventures that cost very little and can give you stories to tell when meeting new women.
6. Put Yourself First: I know this sounds selfish but it’s not. We may live our lives as if we don’t deserve any of our own time and energy, and we may spend all of our free time pleasing others especially women we are trying to hookup with. Somehow we as men have gotten sidetracked because we feel that if we help a woman through difficult times or be there for them emotionally then they in return will show us some love and affection. Wrong! By now you may have come to realize that it doesn’t work out that way and after you have been there for a woman she goes off with the jerk that could care less. Helping yourself is the most efficient and effective way to take care of yourself and your life. Acting in your own best interests, is a way to ensure that you’re making the very best of your life, so that you can help those around you to make the very best of theirs.
7. Be An Alpha Male: Being an alpha male is not going around kicking everyone’s butts, or bullying people to get them to do what you want. It’s about being at ease in any social situation, confident, a leader, can handle himself, and is a learned man. While these are the main traits an alpha male he is also humble, and can laugh at himself. The alpha male also has stories to tell about the life he’s lived, and living making it unique and the adventures that other would like to hear.
8. Be Aloof: Maintain a certain amount of mysteriousness by being vague, and if someone asks you about your weekend tell them you met up with some friends and did some things in town. If they ask further just smile and say nothing. Being aloof means you act like you don’t care because aloofness creates mystery and she will be wondering about you.
9. Don’t Beg: If she has blown enough chances to hook up with you move on because this way it looks like you have more going on.
10. Project a Cool Image: Because women like jerks! Put down (neg) something she may think is really cool you will be surprise at the amount of success you will have. I told a girl I had recently met that she would never make it as a singer while she was bragging about her potential singing plans. Let’s put it this way I did not have any problems hooking up with her after that.

Machiavelli once wrote that “He must be willing to stage one’s own death
In order to evade one’s enemies and gain power”

I f you apply the above passage to your life you could say that “one needs to get rid of old attitudes (AFC) that hinder you from being successful with the ladies, and evade the familiarity until you have worked on your inner game and emerge with the power to be successful”.

There you have it! I hope this helps anyone who is looking to get their ex back, what to say after meeting a new lady, and being able to attract ladies anyplace and anytime.