So Im on POF. Havent been on long but Im having some success, and getting better. Here is a good example of one HB7 I opened. My profile is pretty good, but I dont post any pics.
Heres how it goes.

My opening message to her:
You sound like you might be a pretty cool chick. We might have some things in common, if nothing else maybe you'd make a cool friend. Check me out.

Her response after going to my profile:
You sound like an interesting guy Thanks for the message, im sara I usually wouldnt respond to someone without a photo...but like I said your profile intruiged me I like what you wrote

My response:
Well thank you, thats quite the compliment. I have to say, I liked your vibe also.Im Ben, nice to kinda meet you Sara. I have 2 reasons for no having a photo up.

Her response:
Reasons being?

My response:
Text me...Ill send you a pic and tell you.

Couple minutes later a text from her. I basically explain something like how people are more genuine if Im not showing a photo. And that It was getting exhausting getting messages form girls Im not into.

This sort of conveys that Im a safe guy, and that women want me. Now that I have her number its off to the races.