Hey guys. Long time lurker, had to get some advice. I found an absolutely smoking HB9 on Match, sent out this, that I saw elsewhere on this forum:

Hey Spunky Brewster
Hey there..So, I'm reading your profile & you sound like a super-normal, regular next door neighbor sort of woman.
However; your pictures capture an unmentioned quality about you...

Something in your eyes, gives away the fact that you're a bit spunky/sassy. There's a more upbeat, playful, adventurous side that you didn't describe. But it's totally noticeable.
(Just sayin')

I'm Adam by the way.
I hope your weekend has been full of awesomeness!

Her response:

hey there, so are you saying my about me paragraph makes me seem boring and normal? haha you made a good observation though, i would have to say i am really playful perhaps i will add that into my paragraph. do you find that you are normally good at reading people? my name is melissa and it's nice to meet you adam.

Thoughts? She offered her name first, is trying to value herself to me by showing insecurity about beng boring and normal. How is this for a follow up:

hey melissa – yeah, I think I’m pretty good at reading people. I knew you weren’t as boring as you made yourself out to be I mean backpacking across South Africa – that sounds absolutely amazing. Also, love the black lab, he is adorable. I have two dogs, a golden retriever named cali (she’s my baby), and cosmo who is half golden/half german shepherd and is as crazy as it gets. What’s your favorite dish to cook? (Her profile mentioned being a great cook) also – I'm responding to you at work, if I get in trouble, I’m blaming you

Thanks for reading!