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    Default Tried Number closing and haven't gotten a response

    I've been talking to this girl for a little over a week and decided to Number Close. She usually response within an hour or two but since I asked she has yet to respond after 2 days. She's been on and even visited my profile 5 times in that two day period. Not sure if I should wait or send a message or even what to say. Here are our last three messages....

    ME: Not gonna lie, I had to Google claddagh haha I'm pretty sure the way I'm pronouncing it makes me sound like I have a mouth full of skittles too.
    Speaking of Irish, on a scale of one to Lindsey Lohan, how drunk did you get at the parade today? Hopefully you were not to sick for some Jameson and green beer.

    A brewpub is a type of restaurant that is attracted to a brewery. It's like if a furniture store was attached to the production facility...except with less wood and more alcohol related vomiting. Wait, scratch that, reverse it.

    By the way, we've been chatting for a couple days now and you don't seem like the traditional stalker type.

    That being said, I'm leaning towards being OK with exchanging digits with you.

    But there's one burning question which must be answered first...

    HER: Hahaha, so I take it you're not Irish then? And no worries, I'm pretty sure no one REALLY knows how to pronounce it. I kinda figure it's like "CLAW-DUH", but I'm betting the way you're saying it is way more hilarious.

    Speaking of the parade today...I had to fucking work so I couldn't go . I was so bummed about it but I'm also getting over a nasty cold, so it was probably best I couldn't go. I'll just have to make up for it next weekend -- probably somewhere between Snooki and LiLo.

    Brewpub...Ahhh makes a lot of ********?? (Not sure if you've heard of that...maybe that's an ******** thing?) But yes, I get it! More wood & less alcohol related vomiting? Sounds like a solid Saturday night!

    Well...thanks! I think that's a pretty big feat, especially on this site. Already tonight I got one message from a dude telling me not to get tattoos/judging me for wanting them, and then one from another guy asking me if I want to sit on his face. Sooooo. I'm definitely going to take the non-stalker thing as a large compliment. You are also very non-stalkery, which is a plus! (aka..thank you for not asking me if i want to sit on your face. lol) I think I could be cool with exchanging have me super nervous with this question though.....sooooo ask away?

    ME: I am not Irish, in fact I'm Mexican. I know, totally obvious right! You probably could have played hooky today (do people even call it that anymore?), plus alcohol kills bacteria so you would have been fine if not better.

    haha This early in the morning definitely brings out the best a brightest. Good thing you didn't see me standing outside your window in a pink tutu or you might have to rescind that comment

    Well Julia, that question would be...What's your number? haha

    And just for fun, what was the first concert you ever attended?

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    Default Re: Tried Number closing and haven't gotten a response

    There's a point in the conversation that I only ask for the number. And that is when she starts asking questions about me as a man. Like what do I like in a woman or do I want to get married. That's when to go for it. Before that is just risky. Possible, but risky.

    And the way I ask for the number is this.

    "Hey you really surprised me. Ya know what...I'm going to leave you with DA DIGITS. So message me when you get this. Oh and if you're one of those women that don't message a guy first, don't worry, I'll message you back twice to make up for it."
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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