Ladies and gentlemen (I know there are some ladies here damn it)

I been gone for a while and now I am back spitting fire so bare with me on this one since I am on an internal energy high.

In the past I had mediocre success with women (I think) even though I would get play from many women. POF was a means to an end for me due to work and I played it to the point it was retarded. However I still missed the mark on opening 9s and 10s which really bothered me.

Like most I became frustrated with it and say screw it and left it alone. I also stopped going out clubbing and so on because I felt my inner game was in shambles for one reason or another.

Anyway, during that time I did my own version of going to Mt Olympus to speak to Zeus and I came back like Leonidas spitting freaking fire! lol

Before I get to it I will answer my own version of what I feel is the answer behind inner game and IF I'm in the wrong section of the forum I'm sorry. I will haze myself later lol. The answer behind inner game is accepting that you were always great at talking to women and loving yourself before you love anyone else! Once you can conquer that, you will become a bullet proof machine packed with insane amounts of confidence and all that other stuff. I once read Cajun mentioning something along these lines and could not wrap my head around it but now I do.

So if you wanna conquer your inner game with online and on the streets do this exercise I did last night to prove I was on track. Sit at home where is quiet and think of all the limiting beliefs regarding online game/street game. Name in your head as if talking to yourself every single limiting belief and immediately after you name one, counter it with a positive one. Do this over and over and you have actually believe the positive to the bone damn it!

So I did this with online since due to work it's my bread and butter for now, redid my goofy profile and added just one more pic (self taken which is TABOO!) as my main shot, and I said to myself, tonight! (this was yesterday) I will have two 9s or 10s message me. Within 2hrs BOOM! it happened. I laughed and today I said today I will have 6 do the same and within 2hrs BAM! it happened. I laughed while I was at work and left my phone in the car. I said I want at least 6 more. Went to the car after like 3hrs and BAM! 7 more and they are still coming! BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

So here is the link to my profile and you will notice that it is short, not very elaborate. You can try and copy it but I will warn you with this, mine came from me! my personality and not someone else', so this Take Away is this: in order for something like this or any game to be in alignment with you, it has to come from you and from there believe to the core that it is you and it always was and nobody can take it away from you. oh and a side note, I went to the store and I'm a firm believer my shit is working in different levels because suddenly women are staring at me and one touched me for no reason at all today and others laughing at the really not so funny shit I'm saying lolol.


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