I`m not sure if this is appropriate section to post this but some told me these are somehow insta-dates so I would do it..

I asked on one forum if the following means anything "(There is one girl I`m gaming and I saw her on a bus last time. I stood close to her first, then on every station I "accidently" moved a little more closer to her so that our arms began to touch. I did it so that it didn`t look like I`m doing it on purpose. She didn`t moved her arm away so I left mine there for some minutes even though I had plenty of space around. So did she.

Then we stepped out and went together to school and I didn`t talk for a minute or two. She was quiet too that time, she actually usually is, more introverted and shy type girl, so I just put my hand on her back, looked at her and said why are you always so quiet . She didn`t bother about my hand there, she actually turned a little to me and said something like she is in a bad mood in the morning and blabla.. I followed with hhmm, I actually think you are more of a shy type girl and she smiled a little so I added do you know your cheek just got red haha)
" and got a stupid answer saying that I shouldn`t touch her etc and that she is not into me which I can`t take as an answer.

Here are some signs (ioi and IOD) a managed to find out in one month. That`s how long I know her and we see each other 2 times a week (around 10 minutes per time)

-she somehow tries to avoid me if possible
-she never says much
-she tries to make eye-contact when we are talking but then shy usually looks down (she usually looks more down than forward)
-she does smile
-she asks me to repeat what I have said if she didn`t get it
-she gave me her number
-her friend was teasing me in a way that could clearly mean I like her or vice-versa(she was there too)

What I would like to know is if you think this is good enough to ask her on a real date and how do you suggest me to do it?

Also need an advice what to say if she`ll smile or blush when I`m gonna say it cause I know her so much that I`m pretty sure this can happen. And she definitely won`t say a direct no, I know her that much too.

She is very careful, shy type, and also not so out-going person. How direct and honest in a way of liking her can I be? I hardly hold myself not telling her how I feel. She probably knows that I will make a move sooner or later. I guess she is enough smart to know that even though I didn`t do much Kino and talk about me and her together but I did some things that clearly shows I care for her and like her