Hey guys, Ive been introduced to a HB'8 at a social last weekend, now the situation is that she coming from a east Indian "somewhat traditional" background, she has two sisters one of which is older and one younger, both amazingly good looking but tend to have mother hen qualities. I was introduced to my target through the oldest sister as we established a basic friendship months prior, and got talking to the HB about applying for law school, the whole process, etc etc. Shortly after getting into more fun topics and got to know each other quite well.

Now I could not do any routines, escalate with kino, or approach this as a normal club/day game set, as it was a social where family members and parents were all around, so I literally had to become the typical nice brown guy and keep things pg-13 throughout the time spent, which turned out quite well. I decided to hold off on getting her number as it wouldn't have been wise to do so in-front of her two sisters and parents that were constantly around her, I didnt make any obvious attempts to isolate as I was socializing and enjoying myself being a contributing member of the family party. You may be thinking, what a AFC for not isolating or getting her number blah blah blah, keep in mind there is a certain vibe and rule of thumb you have to obey at family functions. The smallest of slip up's in our brown subculture could be costly so I felt I played my cards right and approached it as I should have.

Now we are both added on each others facebook, and I look to strike up a fun convo leading to the number and from there into a date. My concern is that since she is coming from a up-tight sort of family and most likely has had numerous brown guys chase her, what should I be doing different to really seal the deal with this one? (my family isnt traditional in any sense, her's a bit different as its obvious her parents are very watchful of her and their daughters)