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    Default New Destruction Mode Theory "Phone & Text"

    Destruction Mode Evolved
    So as you guys have heard me talking about my new destruction mode which I have just started trying out I wanted to expand the limits here and include texting and phone game with it. I made the destruction mode theory for approaches but now just created a brand new method I can't wait to use!

    History and Reasoning
    Since I got in the game I have scored 12 #'s thus far and made 27 quality approaches. But never been able to secure a D2 due to flaking, IOD's, sh!t tests playing the phone & text game. So essentially those #'s were were just interactions that went nowhere. I noticed through the course of this reference point that my issue was I was shooting for replies, validation, and affection. Wrong, wrong, wrong! I need to slap myself for that. Well now I am revising my methods. For the record I have incorporated some of the canned texting material found on here and it did help a little but still had inner game issues hindering my progress. So let me share what I have learned.

    Understanding The Game
    Succeeding at texting & phone game comes from an inner game quality that women look for, sounds harsh but true. I have actually gotten very far with an HB9, HB7, HB6, etc over text. Got them replying a lot, showing compliance for D2's, etc. But the problem was I never made the right moves to keep things progressing forward. So let's focus on what women are after first off.

    What Women are after as far as Phone & Text Game (some principles)
    *Women live in the moment so throw out the 3 day rule and throw out the wait 1 day rule. They will give out their number to another guy or lead you on or just ignore you so act fast and act with intention. Don't call first text that same day with the goal in mind to check compliance and get her talking on a short convo. Transition with you will text her later. This will create a dynamic atmosphere.
    *Never introduce yourself over your first text. It's better to keep them guessing since at least this will get them invested in finding out who you are.
    *Never ask for a date over text. Phone contact is preferred. Follow this process for setting up a D2. Call after getting compliance. This will more so ensure you get an answer instead of vm.

    Again here it is
    1st Text>Text Convo>Eject w/future texting statement>Text next day>Text something about getting her on the phone>Switch to phone>Go for D2

    *This will prevent too much emotional investment on your part and will help weed chicks out more quickly.

    Destruction Mode for Text & Phone Game
    To recap your first text should be short and sweet to ping her compliance and get an agreement to get her invested in talking to you again. Following this simple outline it should take all the pressure off to think of something funny or interesting to say since you are just acting on your own intentions with a goal in mind. This way you can let your funny, interesting personality come out naturally instead of trying to win her over by that being the focal point for her.

    Text>Have Convo>Close w/I'll talk 2 u later>Next day text her about phone chat>Phone call>D2

    Simple as that. Instead I have tried so hard to just keep getting replies, be entertaining, etc and had no focal point. I was just pinging endlessly chasing them. Now when I follow this method I am texting with a purpose to check compliance, then texting again with a purpose to set up a phone call to get her invested, then moving on to the phone chat to secure a D2. Later my interactions will be based on the D2 but really not much chit chat going on there. The more words the more sh!t tests. So it is better to have a game plan. This is why I have succeeded in the past at texting because either I was feeling confident, or had a purpose.

    So use this to have a purpose and it should keep them guessing. It sounds very fun I'll let you guys know how it goes if I sink or swim soon enough. Remember you are just texting her first to ping her emotions and get her talking. Then after that you are leading her on the path you follow. Go for the D2 and after that keep pinging her pinging off that. Tell her what you will do there, etc. Let your personality come out naturally and don't make that the focal point. Make getting her out the focal point but remember die hard and live fast.

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    Default Re: New Destruction Mode Theory "Phone & Text"

    I'd say you don't need a phone call.

    it's more get number > text for a day or so > push for D2.

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    Default Re: New Destruction Mode Theory "Phone & Text"

    You're definitely correct on girls picking up on our inner game (or lack thereof) over text messages.

    Also- the "3 day rule" & "wait 1 day" are ridiculous too! So I totally agree with those points.

    When it comes to setting up a "date / meet-up" You don't have to "call"... you can do that over text, if your text game is solid.

    I arranged ALL my meet-ups via text when I started learning this stuff last year. (I'm personally not a big phone talker.. so texting is my preference.)

    Occasionally you'll have to adapt a bit, if the girl DOES like to "talk".. but you just figure out what her "type" is, & go from there.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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