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    Default pushed dated to next week, how to I keep in touch till then?

    Hey guys, met a HB8 a couple weeks ago. To really keep it to the point, we chatted for a couple hours, got to know each other on a political level not so much personal, but ended up trading numbers.

    I had set up a meeting between us scheduled for this week either tues or thurs, when I first started texting her last week. Until today, she hasnt initiated the text convo's which is understandable since there wasn't a giant window frame for me to build up attraction, it usually ends up with me msg'ing her with something to get her laughing and usually engages her to want to talk for a little.

    Today I had pecked on the idea of us meeting this week, while not sounding needy. Turns out she had to trade shifts with co-workers in order to get time off for her exams, resulting in her working all this week, which is understandable. My question is that from here since I dont want her to fade away till we finally meet again next week, is that how do I go about keeping in touch, should I continue to keep pinging her every 3-4 days via text and go with the flow? *I also have my fair share of studying and work to prioritize as well, so since she was the one to offer for next week, I took that up. If by chance I decide to ask her to meet in between her shifts during the week how can I re frame this?

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    Default Re: pushed dated to next week, how to I keep in touch till then?

    I would personally say don't let it fade out. You want to keep in contact every couple of days, but also give her just enough space so you're not "squeezing her." Also, I would say don't talk about the date you have set up unless either it's 1) building hype for the date or 2) building attraction for the date. So text her and keep it light and flirty. Try to build up to a phone call, or even just call her if you ballsy enough. I can't stress how important it is to just keep light and flirty. No saying, "I can't wait to see you." or crap like that. Say something more along the lines of, "wear that thing that I like" or "look good for me."

    It's late so my mind is all over the place so here are bullet points.

    -Do keep in contact with her
    -Don't over do the contact, keep so she doesn't forget you.
    -Do keep the convo's light and flirty
    -Aim to talk to her at least twice before the date
    -Text her like a day before the date and say something like, "oh and btw, wear that thing that I like" It works for me all the time, although there is no "thing" and it ensures that she'll look nice. It also ensure that she knows your taking out for romantic purposes, not just to talk politics.

    Edit: If you feel like re-pinging the situation, make sure it's done on your terms and not hers. Tell her that some time opened up in your schedule, and you guys are going to hang out for a little. Use this only if you need to re-ping though. Your best bet is to just make your intentions clear in the mean time leading up to the date through light and flirty convo.

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