So I am practicing this new concept on my approach to texting game. Here it is, however I am waiting to try it out since all my numbers have gone dry and I am sacrificing short term successes in doing N-closes to try and get my inner game better by getting more compliance and build more attraction before closing. But here is the concept I will be using this Summer.

Phase 1 "Qualification Phase"
Usually after I secure a HB's # I send out a series of needy texts trying to win her affection so she will validate me, tell me she cares about me, give me her approval, etc. I realize this is Beta behavior and I am coming up with a new game plan to counter act it. The game plan is going to have to change if I want results. So here's the game plan for making them chase you instead of you chasing them.

Example: 1st text to any HB wait till next day not 3 days
You: 1st Contact
Give a head's up about an incoming day 2 invitation.
You: 2nd Contact
Freeze Out then set up Day 2
You: 3rd Contact
Freeze out then confirm Day 2
Confirm the date plans on the specified day and don't show unless she replies with consent. If she shows up and texts after the fact then head down there. (non-neediness & indifference)

1st text tease w/incoming day 2>2nd text send date plans non-needy>3rd text confirm on the day of and expect her to reply

This is how you qualify a woman. I have dragged things out for weeks with women over text till finally they dis-qualifed me and we never even got to a date. This always happens because I wait for her approval which never comes. This is due to my neediness and I am suggesting this dating game plan to prevent emotional involvement right away and looking Beta by going through all these bunny trails due to insecurities. I have been lead on too many times and never even asked out some woman at all for a while and things just kept fizzling out.

I made the mistake of looking for a texting buddy and trying to get approval from women when all I need is approval for a Day 2. Even when I got that I screwed it up by texting the wrong emotional flab.

So don't give women any flak. Just simply use the # as a tool not a means to an end. If all you want is a friend over text that is all you will get. If you actually want to see a woman you have to ask her out because she is not going to invite you anywhere unless she is super invested. This way you can qualify women sooner and smarter by going for dates rather than replies and cutting off chit chat you can find out who is really interested and move on to other eligible women faster.

Phase 2 "Seduction Phase"
Your initial goal to getting a woman's # is to get her out not to get her to like you. Liking someone comes naturally so don't go for trying to play the nice guy and make sure she likes you before asking her out. Assume the best and prepare for the sh!t tests. We try so hard to get a woman to like us and it does the exact opposite "it repels their attraction". You should know if a woman likes you or not if she is making things easy but if she is giving a lot of resistance, cancelling a lot of dates, not getting back in 1-2 days then her interest levels are very low.

In order to seduce a woman you will never get her hot and ready for action over the phone or text so ask her out! Ask her to somewhere non-commital. Never do dinner & a movie or coffee those are too cliche unless you are in a relationship. Dating should be fun. Asking her to your place is a end of the night to cap it all off so don't try to start out there. Her place is a bad idea since she will see that as assumptive. Lunch is for friends not lovers.

Shoot for a mutual location like mini-golf, drinks, bowling, volleyball, anything where you can isolate and escalate the verbal communication. Remember to do kino, k-close, and let it go from there. After a successful Day 2 move on to Day 3 & 4 using the same method. Don't do any chit chat over text. Simply text to set up times and places to meet so you can continue the seduction.

By this time she should be chasing you and will allow more room to chit chat over text. Never initiate chit chat unless you are setting something up. This will appear non-needy and keep you from possibly screwing it up in the get go. Later when things develop you can slowly start to chit chat when she is hitting you up, blowing up your phone, initiating contact to you, etc.

Phase 3 "Selection Phase"
Never stop meeting women even after you secure a few good potentials. Choose the ones you want to go out with and keep going out to get those digits. After some time passes and you start getting more Day 2's, 3's, and 4's you should be in more abundance and less scarcity.

Once you are in abundance of women hitting you up, going out with you, chasing you, then you can move into the selection phase of who you want to be long term with or who you want to be around with more often. You can begin sleeping with women as soon as you get those opportunities and some can even pull off the same night lay but this is more a solid game approach for gaming women.

Basically you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket when you get one good HB's #. You will focus too much on her and push her away when you display too much interest over text without even first going out.

This is where I usually "miss it" by trying to drag out the interaction over text over long periods when I should have been qualifying a lot sooner by going for Day 2's every single time and not dinking around with trying to be approval seeking rather than moving towards seduction. I have acted like such a AFC alas but I can't wait to test this out this Summer when I am ready to start N-closing again.