Hey guys, new to this site but figured I'd see what kinda advice I could get here.

Joined ok cupid a little while ago, once I got over the fact that it's just a numbers game because girls literally get bombarded with messages it started working for me. I landed 3 first dates pretty quick (2 of the girls messaged me initially out of the 3). I didn't care as much for the 1st two girls not getting back to me for 2nd dates so it didn't bother me but the third girl's behavior really confused me.

1) She messages me first on the site because she noticed we were of the same ethnicity and had similar interests. we exchange a few messages and I Number Close and ask her to meet for drinks.

2)we agree to meet for coffee at a cafe early evening (cause she couldnt stay out late), end up getting drinks and food instead there, go figure. Cafe owner was totally winging me by bringing us 2 drinks on the house as well. Initially she told me she couldn't stay out late because she had to wake up super early for work but we ended up staying out a lot later than I expected (over 2 hours), chatting and getting to know one another. I generally felt the date went well and walked her to the subway after exchanged hugs

3)she texted me when she got home to let me know she got home safe and thanked me for the night, I texted her that i had a good time and hoped we could meet up again

4) I texted her the next afternoon seeing how her day went and we exchanged texts for a while back and forth learning more about each other and chatting

5) same with the next day, I would initiate the first message but she would always respond pretty quick and we had another text convo, felt pretty confident she was into me (plus she messaged me first on ok cupid!) she also responded with a lot of smiley faces and winks so she was flirting back.

6) i went on a trip for a week to another country so didn't contact her obviously, messaged her when i got back a week later hoping to get dinner later that week, she responded sorry that she couldn't, i sent her another text proposing another day of the week perhaps, and never got a message back from her. Froze her out after that and haven't contacted her since.

so i am confused, she invested time (a resource) into messaging me and meeting me and only gives me one date? we text for a while for 2 days after the date (the only girl that i actually had a conversation with after the date), and then a week later she doesnt want to go out again?

not the end of the world if I never see her again, I already have another girl that messaged me back on ok cupid and wants to meet up next week but I want to get some advice on handling the previous girl, and i know its a small sample size but whats with me getting 3 first dates but no second dates

my working thesis on this is that girls just know right away when they meet you whether they will go out again. I can hold conversations with girls easily and have no issues with that, I am not socially awkward.

any advice on this girl guys and do you think I can get her back?