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Thread: POF question

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    Default POF question

    So I posted things from their profile that will give you the information needed about them while removing names and what not. Below that you will notice I posted what I would send them as a first message, but I have not actually emailed these girls yet. Why? Because I'm hoping to get a better understanding/advice on what to actually say since my response rate in basically 2%.


    Girl 1's profile:

    About Me:
    Hello, my name is xxxxxx I love to draw, read books, and watching scary movies i have 5 tattoos and i love them :P my favorite music is screamo, dubstep, and honestly almost everything although i don't like rap very much, i go my friend's concerts and his band's name is Tomorrow The World and I love them very very much
    First Date:
    My first date was awesome, we went to the movies then went to sizzlers then we went home and talked and hung out.
    Date wise i would rather stay home and watch movies then go out and having to get all fancy lol
    This is what I was thinking of sending her:
    Honestly I have no idea what to write that would guarantee me a response. I'm so horrible at online game that I pretty much never get a reply so any advice on this one would be greatly appreciated.

    Girl 2's Profile:

    About Me:
    Well i really would love to find that someone. I love kids they are so amazing and would love a family one day. I love photography as well and hope to one day start my own business doing photography. I want a guy who will not judge me and will accept me and love me for me. Also a man that will fight for me and protect and take care of me and support me in what i want in life who wont try to change me into someone im not. Tell me why i should date you
    First Date:
    Surprise me im really up for anything
    First Message Idea:
    I was thinking of something alone these lines: "Hmm... How about you tell me why I should date you and if I'm interested I'll answer back." - Not really sure, but it seems kinda cocky to me, maybe to cocky?

    I was also thinking of varying the ending to something more funny/better but that was the first thing that came to mind.

    Girl 3's Profile:

    About Me:
    I'm working full time getting ready for school next semester and figure I'd enjoy some male company outside of my social circle. I'm just looking for friends right now open to more though. I like going on drives, guns are fun, but so are movies I'm a rather bubbly girl and I'm usually alot funnier but it's late as I write this.
    First Date: Nothing Listed.

    Message Ideas:
    I was thinking of something like "After a long debate I decided that even though your profile is horrible, that you seemed like an interesting person and decided I would message you anyways. Hi my name is Brandon."

    Again I'm not really sure what to say exactly so I'm just giving out examples of what I would say before actually sending them in hope's of getting a better of understanding of what to send for the first message to the girl. Please give me some advice.

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    Default Re: POF question

    Alright I'm going to attempt this. Sounds like a fun game...

    Potential Girl 1: I don't know why you'd even bother. I don't really know what to say either. She seems like a retard. First date has an entry from her personal journal about a first date that she just had. LOLWUT?

    My response would be:
    Your profile is so full of love that I really didn't expect screamo in there lol. Does that mean you're going to respond to me in CAPITAL LETTERS? :P (I am conveying the image that she WILL respond to me, but humorously asking if it will be in caps. dhv, look up that term) /response
    Potential Girl 2: Sounds like there are some emotional issues packed up in her suitcase.

    Your proposed response is way too cocky. You have to tone it down online. Ever message someone you were joking to and they thought you were actually serious? Online is hard to convey sarcasm or jokes. It's a fine art you can master, but it takes time.

    My response would be:
    You want to be a photographer? You seem more like that type that would prefer to be in pictures! (Playing on her don't judge me bullsh1t, somewhat flirty) + Do you like photos of people or scenery better?
    or something like:
    Hey, I hear you're looking for someone to "fight for you and protect you". Originally I was looking for a cool girl, but a job in security sounds pretty sweet too. How much does it pay? (Funny, cocky in a sort of "I'm powerful enough to guard you" kinda way) /response
    Potential Girl 3: "After a long debate I decided that even though your profile is horrible...". No, just no. I like your style, but it's too early for this sort of humour! That's just cocky without the funny lol. This is something I struggled with a lot in the beginning. I don't want to crush your line though. It just needs tweaking.

    My response would be: After a long debate I decided that even though you like guns, you seem interesting and might not shoot me on our first date. Let me guess, are you trying to become a cop? /response

    This is the kind of funny you want. You'd also be mentioning that she SEEMS interesting. Not giving it to her on a platter like "You're so interesting!", but still tastefully implying that you'd like to know more.

    Your grammar is a bit off. Let me rewrite what you originally wrote for this one:
    "After a long debate, I decided that even though your profile is horrible [deleted] you SEEM like an interesting person SO decided TO message you anyways. Hi, I'm Brandon. (INSERT QUESTION HERE)"

    You must ask a question! Peak her interest and get her gears moving. Consider my "Are you trying to become a cop" question, or anything else you want to keep moving with!

    The reason I rewrote your message is because it's all about efficiency. Sometimes I'm so excited to talk to a girl that I make the message a little too long. Rather than delete stuff I want to keep, I chang things like "Hi my name is Brandon", to "Hi, I'm Brandon". You can make your messages a bit smaller and still pack the same punch. That shows intelligence.

    Hope this helped you man, have fun!
    Discovering PUA one step at a time.

    Feel free to disagree with my opinions. I encourage it!

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