I enjoy showing people these funny little interactions with women that I believe set a great example for aspiring PUA's. I, myself, am aspiring after all, and I love to learn with examples . It's not much but here goes:

HER (In response to a question about her upcoming vacation): Good question except I'm not going away for that long, max 3 weeks so I think if I do meet someone he will hopefully survive without me for 3 weeks. Or even better he'd be welcome to come along

ME: Haha, sorry to burst your bubble missy but I'll be working 2 jobs this summer so even if I like you, you're just going to have fun without me :P

You're a Pisces, and I don't know how much into horoscopes you but I'm always interested in meeting someone that the stars tell me will be a good match I guess I'm a little bit of a spiritual person. Do you ever think about that stuff?

HER: Haha I like how you said ' if you like me' not if I like you
What will these two jobs be if I may ask.
So do the stars say that Taurus is well matched with Pisces? I dont know a whole lot about horoscopes but I do enjoy reading them from time to time

THERE! SEE IT! That first sentence in her last response. "Haha I like how you said ' if you like me' not if I like you ". This shows the power of dhv. I think it's often that women recognize this stuff, but rare that they tell you its working so I just wanted to show you guys an example of it.

On a side note, do any of you guys like to experiment with using horoscopes in this positive manner? I find that as a Taurus I am a match with Virgo and Capricorn, with honourable mention to Pisces, Cancer and Taurus. I always throw out some sort of spiritual bullsh1t like "We're meant to be. It's in the stars", theoretically speaking of course.