I want to share an example of a clever Number Close I just made. I enjoy learning by examples so I might start throwing out scenerios to document how I've had them work for me. Do you guys think this is a good idea, or too arrogant?

The chick was discussing about how she travelled and fending for herself really opened up her eyes. I thought of a TED talks video that I saw recently (she had TED talks in her interests) and it totally ran with that same idea so I sent her the link.

Me: [longer message portion deleted]. When you get back from your video rampage, you should send me your number. I think there's a TED talk about why you should give your number to a cute Polish guy, but you don't need convincing.

Her: Haha mmmm I wonder if I could find that specific talk...

Oh my gosh the talk you sent me is Amazing! Thank you very much!!


I always try and wrap it in a fancy little hotdog bun of interests for them so they can smile as they begin typing the number away. As simple as this one is, I'm proud of it lol!