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    Default Alternative guide to texting: 3 ways to have fun

    You all know the symptoms of the issues that encounter us such as flaking, no responses, negative responses to Cocky & Funny, getting the shaft for affection, Hot & Cold, etc.

    I just don't get it. Paint me silly but I like displaying a lot of interest over text as when I try to act uninterested they totally give me the cold shoulder.

    I mean I just don't get why I text my friends without a care in the world and have to watch my back on every little tick tack with Women. I hate when people pose a problem without a solution. My solution here though half-baked as it is, is the best I can do.

    The Solution: Crazy but Simple
    The solution is 3 ways to have fun (Compliance level 1, Congruence level 2, Inner game level 3)
    I am going to talk about Congruence first but wanted to explain that compliance is simply checking for her interest levels (which equals attraction) like getting a #, a D2, a make out, mutual flirting, receptive kino, etc. Checking compliance is so fun! Why? Because it is largely rewarding. I am proposing working on my congruence to be rewarding by developing Alpha Male traits, less AFC, more of a selector, etc (rough outline still need to work on that one). Congruence is not as cut and dry so a little harder to disect but inner game is obvious why it's fun cuz it's about learning and self-improvement!

    Congruence (level 2), that is the only thing I think that can rectify this situation for myself. First let's ask why? I am doing this because my texting game is super lame right now and I need to hammer this thing out to get some feedback.

    I don't like when I hear HB's tell me over text
    "I have a BF"
    "Who is this?"
    "I don't remember you"
    "I never said that"
    "Why do you keep texting me I never talk to you?" (when she texted me 2 days earlier)

    Granted this is coming from my own inner game issues but I am just posting for the benefit of learning more about myself and how to handle these issues.

    My question is why is it so complicated? Probably because I allow that part of my life to have control over me is the way I see it. My goal is to prevent ever having to hear that jazz ever again (or at least minimize it). Why? Because when I hear that jazz I know I am done and my game goes right out the window. So what is the solution? To follow your gut! I know this sounds simple but let me explain the long winded crazy aspect to that.

    But I thought we were having fun?
    This is the weirdest part of my text game. We sit there having fun, me getting her to chase me and give me her compliance, get D2s set up in advance, get her flirting, get her invested, etc. I have done all these things but the same thing always happens. I drop the ball. Somewhere down the line it all goes to pot.
    But why I thought we were having so much fun? I thought we had a D2 already set in stone? I thought she liked me! But then my plans are always foiled by the one and only power of the flake. Why do women flake? Because some where some place she senses not enough Congruence. I am starting to think HB's think of Congruence the way we think of Compliance.

    Too bad we were having so much fun and I ruined it by getting serious, or being too entertaining, or too pushy, ah well guess there's always next time right?

    Congruence: The complicated art of game
    As RSD mentions Congruence is like the Holy Grail of inner game. What have I always been thinking when gaming a girl is "Compliance, Compliance, Compliance!" (focusing on one thing kills your game ie oneitis)

    I should have been thinking "Compliance, Congruence, Inner Game!"
    Compliance is on her level, congruence is mutual (relates to her but affects me), and inner game which comes back to me. This is simple to me because I have been practicing compliance for so long it is already incorporated into my mind when I am running game so I don't have to force myself to think about checking Compliance and just do it. Checking compliance is way fun by the way I am just taking a new spin on congruence to say it's fun too (though I hated it previously)

    I have noticed attraction signals go through the roof when I do a dhv spike (having an HB with me in front of another target), when I check compliance I notice HB's go mad with sexual tension, and finally when I am congruent (if only rarely) HB's are chasing me. This is where I want to be after getting compliance have them sending me the signals to give me the buying power rather than giving her the power.

    Congruence: Laying the smack down
    Like I said (as RSD says also) congruence is when you are united in thoughts, words, and actions. Why is it more important for women than men? Easy congruence is her approval of you. This has nothing to do with attraction (that's her compliance). So basically when you are witty, charming, suave, smooth, slick, bad to the bone, sly, self-amused, outcome independant, cocky, funny, etc (having fun essentially) you are being congruent.

    I have noticed these moments are few and far between but when they come they are like a fire in the flame. When I am actually laying the smack down and sending all the right signals (by being congruent) I get an ocean of compliance. I am so steeped in compliance I feel like I can't screw up, can't lose her, can do anything I want, etc. But that's where I lose it, the inner game.

    When I get extremely high levels of compliance by being massively congruent my inner game gets the better of me and I get twitterpated (my ego essentially killing it) and unable to recover or save face since I stop checking compliance and get needy.

    So that's where I am at and maybe I didn't really talk about what to say over text but how you say it and when you say it is far more important. You can still come from a needy place over text even if you use strong words.

    Inner Game (level 3) would take way too long to describe so study that topic if you are not quite sure how to improve on it since it is the "total package" of a MPUA.

    Conclusion: Congruence is the key
    That is basically why girls don't text me back. Because I am being needy and not congruent, stop checking compliance and start being AFC, etc. I desire for the positive feelings to continue to flow and when they cut me off (Hot & Cold) I get stiffled. I am proposing to be unaffected by the outcome as we always say here but I need to start living it out since it is more real. So what do you guys think of my take on Compliance, Congruence, and Inner Game? This is for your mindset when running game anytime not just over text. After all how could you be congruent if not the same person in any one scenario? This is how I know I am congruent, when I feel alive and happy with myself regardless of outcome.

    This is why I love congruence so much because it gives me the buying power (by making me the selector rather than seller), makes me feel like the man, gets me feeling good (which helps my inner game). That's a better break down of congruence by the way. Essentially congruence is the key to inner game. Why? Because if your inner game is wack when you are being super congruent then your congruence will get out of wack too. This is why congruence for me is so short lived. I get it and the HB's notice and want to play around with it and I lose it then go back to the seller dynamic which makes me needy. So I propose congruence is the key to success with texting and the game in general.

    So that being said I will start practicing my congruence right away and get this thing going. Just wanted to say though that congruence is like the rock and it takes a lot to be rock solid like that. I guess I need to work on my inner game too! It would be nice to know how I can improve my inner game. Well that's the game I suppose.

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    Default Re: Alternative guide to texting: 3 ways to have fun

    um, no. You aren't building enough attraction during your initial meeting. most women text me first. they set up d2' and they drive the follow up interactions. I really do think text game is a worthless exercise.



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    Default Re: Alternative guide to texting: 3 ways to have fun

    Quote Originally Posted by Suave Kino View Post
    um, no. You aren't building enough attraction during your initial meeting. most women text me first. they set up d2' and they drive the follow up interactions.
    Now that you talk about this, I have a doubt. When she gives you tons of IOIs, the really important IOIs which say "fuck, kiss me now", that's the point where you know you've built enough attraction for her to set a day 2... I wanna know if I'm right on this subject mate.

    Related to the topic, well, I disagree that you should always be "congruent" the way you say. When you're building comfort and all that, you're not being cocky, funny, etc.

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