Hey guys,

I'm talking to this girl on POF and she seems really interested, but how the hell do you deal with when girls reply with a crap load of text? I don't want to give away too much about me before we meet and it's making it difficult to keep the conversation light hearted and funny without sounding disinterested in what she's saying. The conversation thus far is as follows:

ME:It sounds like there's a chance you might be interesting. So where did you travel around the USA?

HER:Ha, I'm not sure how to take that, but I'll give interesting a go. I studied and worked at Ohio University but skived off quite a bit, did the usual New York, Chicago, San Fran; took the greyhound buses from Ohio to Louisiana, road tripped across Pennsylvania, hiked in Yosemite.. So yeah some mini adventures. Think my best day ever was at cedar point though! So, anything interesting about you?x

ME:That is quite interesting, good effort! You are now 23% more awesome.
Cool my dad's from Pennsylvania. Damn I wanna go climb at Yosemite so bad! You didn't mention New Mexico though, that's where I began blessing this world with my presence
There's too many interesting things about me to list here we'd be here all day x

HER:Yay! That's made my day, 23% isn't a bad score for a first go I suppose.

Yosemite was pretty amazing, was hoping to see a bear just for the story but unfortunately that was not to be. I camped and hiked though, not quite adventurous enough to properly climb it.. I discovered that Pennsylvania has no gas stations for like 120 miles and nowhere sells beer so that was an interesting few days, not the best roadtrip state!

I never managed to get to that part of the states actually, did I miss out? But I bet you've never been to *her hometown* either so you can't really judge me for that

Too many interesting things doesn't seem possible but I'll humour you.. x

Looks like she's qualifying herself in the first message which is quite a bonus but how do you move on from here without the conversation dying a slow and boring death? Move straight in for the meet-up? Or just respond in a C/F way and continue the conversation.