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    Default She bailed on first meet, too scared?

    My luck continues to fail.
    Got talking to a girl on Badoo, hit it off well, quickly went to texting and whatsapp. Sent some pics to eachother (not rude ones), also had some flirty texts but nothing to fap over...
    Been texting about 4 days, and i have 2 weeks off work, so a couple of days ago i suggested we could go for a drink some time, she said it sounds good.
    So today i said we could meet and get a drink or just go for a walk or something. I suggested i pick her up and we go to a pub i like which is only a couple of miles away. She says something like, 'i'm not driving with you x'.
    I'm a bit like i say i'll just meet her on my motorbike and we can go to a pub nearer to her. A bit later she texts saying, 'sorry i dont feel comfortable meeting you'. I reply basically explaining that thats a bit unexpected considering what we have talked about and how she previously said shes up for it.
    She then sends a longer text along the lines of, 'I just dont feel confident to meet you yet. You can either wait or leave it, i could have lied and said i'll meet you and never show up so im sorry, just not ready. Can we at least talk on Skype first?'
    I was out at the time anyway and just said i dont use Skype, i try and talk her round a bit but then she just texts with, 'leave it today seriously...'.

    Thatt was about an hour ago, not replied since.
    I'm assuming by trying to talk her round and explaining that we'd meet somewhere public and also that i was pretty offended and felt messed around, i've blown any chance of actually meeting. But on the other hand her being so unconfident has put me off somewhat.

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    Default Re: She bailed on first meet, too scared?

    You completely skipped the comfort stage from the looks of it. Otherwise, you wouldn't be posting this

    Think about it - you just started talking to her and are already insisting that she meet you without getting her comfortable around you.Chances are that you didn't do the whole "getting to know you" portion of an interaction. A few pictures here and there with some flirty banter just don't cut it.

    If you're still interested, you have a chance to recover. She pretty much handed you the solution earlier when she said you should talk on Skype. It's time you start doing Skype, buddy
    Always leave her better than you found her.

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