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    Default telling her i like her or not

    try to make this story short lol

    i travel alot with my job so i have roomates in both cities, i stay in one place for a week and the next for a week... I am POSITIVE she likes me(and if not then whenever i can move on) we have done some making out, u know just small sh1t(which is awkwards for me cause i usually move straight to sex) but this one i feeldifferent with, like she wants to move slow... so now the doctor thinks i need surgery which could put me out from driving to my other place for i dont know lets say a month?(i hear different results from everyone) but for ONCE in the last 2 years i feel like i actually LIKE this girl and dont just want to fark her, so im caught up cause i know with this PUA its like dont tell her you like her, but im debating on telling her how i feel just because i may not be able to see her for a while and would hate to see her get another BF because i havent came around in a month(or however long)

    should i just ignore her for a month or tell her how i feel lol, just wanting to hear some opinions on what you guys would do.

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    Default Re: telling her i like her or not

    In a word, no.

    In more words, no fucking way.

    I've got a beautiful phrase to tell you. "Let your actions speak for your words, they'll be received with muchas gracias, te amo mi amor".

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