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Thread: Am I failing, or failing to realize it's a "numbers game"?

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    Default Am I failing, or failing to realize it's a "numbers game"?

    I can count numerous dates that have gone into a kiss close. In fact, all of them minus 1, but she was super weird anyway and would only let me kiss her cheek LOL!

    Anyway, these are all online dating experiences. They move from [Dating Site], to Text, to Facebook, to Phone, to Date, to Kiss, to Text again and here's where it gets crazy...

    Eventually things fizzle, she deletes me off Facebook and/or other forms of media, and I get this strange idea to ask "Hey, what went wrong?", but I don't. I'm never devastated since I didn't really want to invest much time in most of them, but would have been ok with a few fun times in the bedroom.

    Why am I getting these "Rage Quits" from women? Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    The last one kept calling me out on innuendos I had. She finally said something suggestive and I said, "Who's starting with the innuendos now? Easy there, I'm gonna have to hose you down!". She went NC. Somehow this turned into deleting me off FB, Steam [gaming platform, she was a gamer], and NC. It's getting frustrating.
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    Default Re: Am I failing, or failing to realize it's a "numbers game"?

    odds are there are two things you need to improve upon, one you need to know when to be funny and when to be more serious (noone wants to date a guy who can't be serious at all about anything)

    and two
    "Who's starting with the innuendos now? Easy there, I'm gonna have to hose you down!".
    though this might have been funny to you, it actually detered her. when she finally started playing along with your inuendos you punished her for it by busting her on it (when instead you should have rewarded her for playing along and kept the inuendos going)

    also you might have the problem of being too sexual when you should be comfort building. you have to learn when to be sexual, when to be serious, and when to be playful. (for that i highly recomend you read the ebook "natural game" by gambler, wich can be found for free on the enternet, (all you have to do is google search it)

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