This cute muslim conservative girl seemed promising months ago.
We were making out in a club and a couple of days after decided to meet again.
But we never met and it then died, possibly because of me being too needy (she defriended me from FB later on, don't know exactly why). I wasn't rude or anything though.

After 4 months I sent a "wassup" message a couple of weeks ago but no reply.
I'd like to try one last time though because closing the chapter.

OK, I donít usually chase girls too much
but I will do one last try with you, after which I will only wish you to fulfill everything you wanted and to finally be happy back in XXX (hopefully without your father finding out that you smoke ). <---
this is an inside joke

Iíd be glad to go out one of these days and Iím sure in the end you would be happy as well . So if you agree let me know your schedule and we will organize.