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    Default she freezes out = shi1t test?


    if a girl freezes out for no reason the first time after a lot, a lot, a lot of texting, and 3 dates, could this be s1hit test? She could be checking if you care, or playing hard to get, or perhaps she is tired of you freezing out every now and then for a couple of days, and now she wants to get even?

    What is the proper way to handle it?

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    Default Re: she freezes out = shi1t test?


    I'm interested as well. The girl im talking to Initiated a conversation with me every day for the first two weeks then froze me out. Maybe she figure i wasn't interested, I don't know.

    Advice anyone?!!!

    Edit: to be clear, after I figured out she was freezing me out, I initiated a convo a day or two later and actually ended up taking on the phone. Then I waited another day or two to iron out plans that we had to go out for sushi. We didn't end up going out for sushi, she invited to have dinner at her house with her family instead and I ended up sticking around for 4-5 hours. That was Sunday. About an hour after I got home, I texted her that I had a good time and to thank her family again for having me. The convo ended shortly after and she hasn't texted since. It's only Tuesday I know but I'm still getting the feeling tht she's freezing me out. Maybe she just thought she was moving to fast and didn't want to freak me out or maybe she just doesn't think I'm interested - or worse - maybe she herself isn't interested, idk.

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