I met this girl via OKC last week. She's a pretty chill girl...very witty and whatnot. We've had several good text conversations then the amount of talking has somewhat slowed down. I would Freeze Out for a few days then come back with a funny joke to keep her interested. Lately I keep my texts with to a minimum since I don't want to come off as clingy. Here are some things I'm curious about:

  • What are the best ways to maintain interest without coming off as needy/clingy? I don't have oneitis for her but she seems pretty fun to be around.
  • With my college buddies all away at school and me stuck attending locally, it's tough to visit them so I'm limited in regards to night life. Is it still fine to suggest just going out with her? I know it's better to invite her to join me with others but like I said before they're all away at school.

Opinions are more than welcome. Any advice is helpful